Loose Parts Preschool Activity


loose parts preschool activity


Loose parts are wonderful open ended materials that spark imagination and creativity. 


Loose parts play can be anything really. 


Some parts of play ideas are: 



These are some ideas I can think of off the top of my head right now. 


Keep in mind, some of these are very small and not intended for children under 3 and supervision is advised with all children. 


I’ll get into how I set up this simple loose part activity below and how you can try this out too! 


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loose parts preschool activity for kids



Loose Parts Preschool Activities


As mentioned above there are a couple examples of parts of play and children’s play tools that can work as fun pieces and as loose parts. 


Natural loose parts can be wooden blocks or wooden letters. 


We used wooden grapat mandala parts of play in this kids activity that were lots of fun. 


What other loose things can you think of incorporating and learning with for inspiring children to use their creativity and create something epic? 




What are loose parts? 


Loose parts are tools that can be used to create something by using your imagination. 


Loose parts can be anything really. 


Draw a line onto a paper roll and line up toys. 


This is loose parts play. 


Draw zig zags onto a sheet of paper and align cereal onto it. 


This is loose parts play. 


Loose parts supplies can be anything really. 


They don’t necessarily have to be small. 


Loose parts supplies can be medium or larger toys (for example dinosaur toys or Minecraft figurines..)




What are the benefits of loose parts play?


Loose parts play comes with many benefits. 


Some benefits of loose parts play are: 


  • Hand/Eye Coordination

  • Independence 

  • Fine Motor benefits

  • Solving problems

  • Creativity 

  • Sparks Imagination

  • Life Skills

  • Concentration

  • Thinking Skills


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Why do we get loose parts?


Loose parts can be anything, really. 


You don’t necessarily have to purchase loose parts. 


They can be fallen leaves or fallen flowers. 


Loose parts outdoors play can be grass clippings or rocks/pebbles/stones. 


These are wonderful ways to get loose parts and use them in play! 




How do you introduce a loose part?


Loose parts can be introduced with your littles toys, nature loose parts, your child’s bath toys.. 


Loose parts play for infants and toddlers can look like their squishy toys or books. 


We made a fun book activity by lining up my toddlers books at the time and she walked on top of them for a fun gross motor learning activity. 




How can I improve my loose parts at home? 


Loose parts can be improved in your home by creating and imagining little ideas with your littles toys. 


Go out into nature and create a fun mandala using fallen leaves. 


These are all wonderful ways of creating loose parts play in your home or in a school setting. 


Have you tried using loose parts for play before? How was it?


loose parts play preschool activity

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