Lima Bean Alphabet Letters Matching Activity 


lima bean alphabet letter matching activity


Lima beans remind me of rock play! 


Have you ever tried crafting with rocks or a fun rock activity for kids


It is so neat. 


They make for wonderful keepsakes and the littles have so much fun creating little ideas on them. 


We tried a simple matching letter game with our lima beans that my girls enjoyed very much. 


I’ll elaborate more on how simple this beans game is to put together and other fun ways you can incorporate learning with lima beans too! 


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It’s that simple! 




Letter matching game for preschoolers


So, how did I put this simple lima bean activity together? 


Easy peasy. 


I used two empty ice cube trays because there are 26 letters in the alphabet and each ice cube tray has 14 slots. 


I wrote uppercase letters onto 26 lima beans and then lowercase letters on 26 lima beans. 


In total there were 52 beans. 


The uppercase letter beans went into the empty ice cube trays. 


Then, the lowercase letter beans were to be matched to its correct uppercase letter beans. 


This letter matching lima bean activity is one for the books. 


Such an easy letter matching game for preschoolers for learning about the alphabet! 


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lima bean alphabet matching activity for kids


Beans game Activity 


Besides alphabet sorting game activities you can also try a fun bean counting game or a shape matching game.. 


There are so many fun lima bean activity ideas that you can try for learning about so many different categories, seasons and so much more. 


A fun way to learn about abc and number games is to write them out on lima beans and create your childs name or a word, learn about sight words.. 


Another fun alphabet matching game would be to match them by saying their letter sounds rather than their letter name. 




Because this is the way we learn to read. 


We learn letter sounds such as a,e,i,o,u. 


Then, we can work on adding a consonant such as ba,ca,da,fa and be,ce,de,fe… and so on and so forth. 


Then, work your way up to a cvc word such as hen, Ben, ran and can.. 


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What other fun lima bean learning games can you think of trying out with your LO? 


Lima bean crafts can look like creating fun animals, using mod podge to glue fun and easy printable paper items or creating colors with lima beans. 


Please keep in mind, lima beans are small and supervision is always advised. 


I hope you enjoyed this simple and easy alphabet sorting activity using lima beans.


If you try it out, leave me a comment below letting me know how it goes. 🙂


lima bean letter matching activity

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