Bugs Interactive Learning Activity Binder for Preschoolers and Kids


This Bugs Interactive Activity Binder is a fun way to learn about letters and their sounds, numbers/counting, matching… It includes an awesome theme of Bugs for the month of June. This is perfect for summer or any month of the year, really! 

bugs interactive activity binder for kids

Bugs Binder

Are you looking for an exciting way to teach letters, numbers, and fun learning games this summer? This Interactive Binder would be a really fun addition to your summer plans. It can be easily taken on trips, restaurants and/or a friends house.

Activity Binder Preschool

This binder is perfect to learn as an all in one or to be used on a specific lesson you and your child are currently learning. It is perfect for going back in and mastering each learning activity on a different day.

bugs interactive activity binder for kids

It is very simple to setup, use and go back to on any given day. Bugs is a big theme this summer! I hope your children love this activity binder as much as my girls do!



8 Pages of Fun Learning with Bugs

1. Learn the alphabet by matching the uppercase letters to the lowercase letters in this fun honey bee hive printable.

Interactive Binder Bugs

2. Practice learning colors with these colorful ladybugs. The color name is included under each ladybug for added learning fun!

Interactive Binder Preschool

3. Practice counting with your preschooler with this fun blossoming flower counting game. Match the correct amount of bees to the flower number 1-10.

activity binder printables for kids

4. Help the bugs by matching the shapes to the correct bug. The shape name is under each bug for added learning fun!

bugs interactive activity binder for kids

5. Match the bugs so their colors shine! Tip: What colors do you see?

Hands on Activities for preschoolers

6. Count the snails. Then, match the correct frame with the correct number of the snail.

preschool activity binder

7. Solve the puzzle by counting from 1-10. Tip: What bugs do you see and what colors are they? Perfect summer activity.

Activity Binder Preschool

8. Match the bugs. Then, find out what comes next? There are two pages of this fun learning activity. 

Free Printables preschool



Additionally, there will be an upcoming activity binder for July, so make sure to subscribe so that you are informed about the next one. It’ll be a fun one!

bugs interactive activity binder for kids

How do I put my Interactive Binder together


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To begin, I insert the correct sheets into the sheet protectors and attach them to the 3 ring binder. Then, the leftover sheets, I laminate. I do this so that they can be used on trips or outings without getting damaged.


Once they are laminated, I cut them out. I add the velcro dots in the correct placement and my activity binder is good to go!


You definitely do not need a laminator or velcro dots to complete this activity. You can easily just match them on a table and that works just as fine. I hope you share with me you and your littles/students working on these. How exciting!


Will you give this learning interactive binder a try?

activity binder bugs

Preschool Interactive Activity Binder 🙂

Looking for a fun play to learn, all in one preschool activity binder?

We have been loving this binder so so much! It's perfect for on to go or if you're on a vacation.

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