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Kindergarten Busy Book - Active Littles


Have you checked out our Preschool Activity Binder Busy Book?


Since I created our Preschool Busy Book along with the additional add-on sheets, I’ve been wanting to create a Kindergarten Busy Book – and it is finally here! 


I’ll be sharing below all that is within this very special busy book, what I used and how you can go about using it! 


There are also a few pages within this busy book that will allow for the basics of how I taught my kindergartener how to read! 


And I will be sharing it with you! 


Note: If you have a preschooler, here is our Preschool Activity Binder Busy Book. It is one of our most popular items! 🙂 





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And, that is all there is to it! 



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How I put the Kindergarten Busy Book PDF together: 


I have added instructions within the pdf download. 


But, I also have two videos (Part 1 and Part 2) that are within this post so you can see how I made ours. 🙂 



Part 1: Kindergarten Busy Book Video 




Get the Kindergarten Busy Book PDF Download for $9

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Within the busy book pdf, there should be the matching activities (the activities at the very top of the pdf that are to be inserted in the sheet protectors. 


These sheet protectors will go in the 3 ring binder


They are the sheets that (if you choose to create a busy book out of this pdf) will be the ones that are to attach the pieces to. 


There is a page within this pdf that will act as a median to distinguish between the sheets that are to be inserted in sheet protectors and the sheets that are the pieces to attach. 


The pieces are to be cut and used as the pieces that will be matched to their corresponding place. 


If you choose not to make this PDF into a busy book, that is okay! 


You can choose to create a simple 3 ring binder with a point and learn type of approach which is also great for on the go, if you are at a restaurant…




How do I start teaching my child to read?



I have created this binder to match the lessons I taught my kindergartener when she was learning how to read. 


Learning to read takes time. 


Learning to read takes patience.


It is so rewarding when they get it and it all clicks! 🙂 




What are the methods of teaching reading?


The SECRET that I used to teach my kindergartener how to read: 


Here are the steps I took when I taught my oldest how to read: 


  • Read a lot. We took many trips to the library and read, read, read!

  • I have a list of some of the books I used that were EXTREMELY helpful

  • Start off with learning the alphabet letter sounds. A as ah. B as beh…

  • Once your child has learned and mastered their alphabet letter sounds, practice vowel sounds (A,E,I,O,U and sometimes Y)

  • Vowels are letters that are in every english word. This is a very important step in teaching your child to read. 🙂 

  • Once they have mastered both letter sounds and vowel sounds, you can work on adding a consonant: ba, ca, da, fa, ga, ha….

  • There are 5 sheets within this binder that have this example with each vowel alongside a consonant. 

  • These 5 sheets are GOLD! We’re getting closer to reading 3 letter words 🙂 

  • Once your little one has mastered reading a consonant + vowel, we are ready to read!

  • Bob’s books are an excellent option! Again, you can find them in our list of books that helped my kindergartener learn to read

  • The stories are short and go something like this: Bob is red. 

  • Once they have mastered reading 3 letter words, I started practicing sight words and words that were a bit more advanced. Again, within this list of books is a book called Alpha-Phonics – A Primer for Beginning Readers which is GOLD as well! 

  • We used the Alpha-phonics book to learn to read and the pages go in order until your child is reading smoothly. I cannot stress how amazing this book is. You can find it here




Part 2: Kindergarten Busy Book Video



Get the Kindergarten Busy Book PDF Download for $9

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When should I start teaching my child to read? 


I started teaching my child to read when she was 5 years old. 


At age 3-4 she was learning her letter sounds. 


Then, age 4-5 she was learning her vowel sounds and the vowel + consonant sheet. 


By age 5-6 she was reading. We of course practiced our sight words and words that are a bit more advanced with certain rules (i before e except after c…)


What should a 5 year old be able to read?


CVC words! 


CVC words means: Consonant + Vowel + Consonant. 


For example, words like: 


  • Dad

  • Mom

  • Dog

  • Cat

  • Rat

  • Did

  • Run

  • Bob

  • Red

  • Hat

  • Jug


These are a few examples that incorporate a vowel at the center of two consonants (letters that are not vowels). 



 Note: To learn about our Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum, the steps I am taking to teach my preschooler every other day, go here! 🙂




How can I help my child learn to read? 


Read, read and then read some more. 


In my reading list that taught my kindergartener how to read, there is a set of books we would read every night before bed. 


The books are smart because on one side my child reads (bigger letters, less words)  and on the other side I read (smaller letters, more words).


As your child reads the set of books each day, his/her text begins to get smaller until they are pretty much reading both sides and the entire book themselves. 


You can find that book by Usborne called My First Reading Library in the book list for Kindergarteners as well! 🙂 





Should my kindergartener be reading?


At what age should a child be reading fluently? 


Should my 5 year old be reading? 


These are all great questions. 


I believe that every child is different and some read faster than others. 


If they are not reading by 5, that is okay. 


Age 5 is a great year to support their reading skills. 


Some ways you can do this is by visiting your local library or practicing the steps I mentioned above on how I taught my kindergartener how to read. 🙂


Reading takes time and patience. 🙂 


Practicing syllables of the number of sounds they hear in a word is a great method that can also support their reading skills. 


Clap your hands to the number of sounds they hear in a word. 


For instance, I have provided a sheet in this busy book with three dots. 


For the word, DAD, clap three times for D-A-D while saying the letter sounds aloud. 




How many sight words should a kindergartener know? 


Again, every child is different. 


Some learn sight words quicker than others and that is okay! 


We were practicing around 5-8 sight words a week with my kindergartener.


Learning sight words takes time and patience. 


They will get it in their time with lots of patience, practice and gentle learning. 




At what age should a child start writing?


Your toddler is learning pre writing skills every time they pick something up, draw or pincer grasp and object with their thumb and index finger. 


By the time they are in preschool they have advanced in this by using scissor cutting, fine motor tools for picking up smaller objects, painting and drawing more intricately. 


When they are around 5 years old, they are at the age where they are pretty much ready to write. 


Provide activities that work on letters in a fun way. 


Maybe add magnet letters into a sensory bin and fish for letters. 


When you find a letter, practice writing it on a paper. 





When should a child know their ABC’s?


I can recall my daughter learning her ABC’s from a song we used to sing. 


Singing the ABC’s everyday will help your child learn the ABC’s in a fun way. 🙂 


I believe she knew her abc’s completely by age 4. 


Again, this will vary as each child is different and special in their own way. 


By reading and singing, they will grasp it quickly. 🙂





Final thoughts.. 


So, there you have it, this busy book was made with lots of love. 


It is my SECRET sauce I used to teach my kindergartener the basics of reading. 


You have the basic tools which will be so very helpful and have been helpful for us. 


This Kindergarten Busy Book along with the book list are pure GOLD! 


This busy book also has math, addition, subtraction, weather, days of the year and more to go along with all that makes this busy book a very special one! 


If you have a preschooler, don’t forget to check out out Preschool Activity Binder Busy Book which my preschooler is currently working on as well 🙂 


Enjoy friends!


Get the Kindergarten Busy Book PDF Download for $9

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