January Winter – Preschool Boxes for Early Learning


Early Learning Winter Task Boxes



This is the first early learning box I have created out of 24 boxes in total, for teaching preschoolers about the basic skills. 


Because, it is January I chose the theme ‘winter’.


There will only be 4 seasons out of the 24 boxes and the rest of the 20 will be fun material to go with a fun book you can check out at the library.


This very first box is filled with skills that can grow with your child.


The bigger pieces can be easily used as flashcards for pointing at the different objects with your toddler. 


They do not have to be cut into pieces if you are introducing them to your toddler.


They can be easily used as pages for a fun pointing at the different colors or basic shapes game. 


If you’d like to add these to a poster board or a binder, you can do so as well!


We chose to add them in a box so it can be easily stored and taken out, laid out on the table to be used when we want to go over the basic skills with my preschooler. 


So, let’s take a deep dive right into the preschool boxes. shall we? 🙂


Note: If you haven’t checked out the Winter Activity Binder, that can be easily taken on the go, check it out here!




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Early Learning Basic Skills Preschool Task Boxes


You definitely don’t need to keep these sheets in a box, this is just the best way for me to keep them organized and easily accessible when we need to take it out. 


So, let’s talk a bit more about how I put the sheets together. 


If you would like to laminate all of the pages, that is okay to do. 


But, let’s say you cannot laminate them for some reason, that is okay as well. 


You can use sheet protectors for the pages that don’t need to be cut into pieces as a second option. 


If you don’t have sheet protectors or a laminator, that is okay too! 🙂


You can use the sheets as is. 

The great thing about keeping them in a box is that the box will protect the sheets when you are not using them.


And, if you do not use a box you can place them in a folder, binder or large zip lock bag. 🙂




Here is a video for your reference on how I made ours:


Winter Early Learning January Box Video





I hope you enjoyed the first of 24 preschool boxes for early learning! 


I know my preschooler and I will have some fun with these! :)))


If you try this winter preschool task box out, please share with me!


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Happy Learning friends!



Will you give this January Winter – Preschool Boxes for Early Learning a try?


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Early Learning Winter Task Boxes


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