Ice Painting Snowflake Tape Resist Kids Activity 


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I love a good reason to use ice blocks with a craft stick. 


They are just so much fun!


And! When you add washi tape into the mix – it’s even funner!


My girls created the cutest little snowflakes with this simple and easy activity I set out on the table. 



tape resist activity for kids




To learn how I made each of the pieces to makeup this activity, I’ll share everything below!



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How I set up this ice tape resist indoor activity 


The night prior, I added a tiny drop of food coloring into a measuring cup and added water thereafter. 


I mixed it very well so the food coloring flowed evenly into the water and became one.


There were other colors I used such as a light blue and a metallic pearl color so it shows tiny specks of glitter when you view your paper near bright light. 🙂  


Then, I poured some of each into the holes of the ice cube tray. 


Cut your craft sticks in half.


Add your craft sticks into each cube of the tray and lay them slanted. 


Then, add your ice cube tray into the freezer. 


In the meantime, you can start adding washi tape to your cardstock paper


I made a snowflake but any other image you’d like to make will work great! 


Set up your table so it is ready to go. 


The following day or when your ice is frozen and ready to be used, remove the tray from the freezer and set it aside so it melts a little so it is easier to take out. 


After 3 minutes or so, add your ice cube tray to the table and you can remove the ice by grabbing the craft sticks. 


It is time to paint over the taped snowflake or image. 


Have fun!! 


When your child is finished, set it aside. 


Once it is dry, remove the tape and show off your beautiful art! 🙂




ice painting activity for kids




Fun early childhood educational activities you can try


If you’d like to take it a step further and add a fun educational twist, add a different colored drop of food coloring to make a bunch of colors. 


As your child/preschooler is adding the colors to their cardstock paper, have fun calling out the colors together. 


Maybe you can even try color mixing to create colors from two primary colors. 


How fun is that!


Some of the benefits from this simple indoor activity are as follows:


  • Hand/eye coordination

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Pre Writing Skills

  • Hand Motor Skills


And so much more..  


Another fun idea I just thought about right now is, using these as a fun outdoor activity and painting the snow. 


You can also bring in the snow and paint it as well! 🙂


What other fun ways can you think of using these?



Will you give this Ice Painting Tape Resist Kids Activity a try?


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