Ice Cream Popsicle Stick Learning Activity DIY


diy ice cream popsticle stick activity for kids



I love ice cream activities and ice cream crafts for kids! 


Especially during summer time! 


It is currently summer and we are all for ice cream activities now. 


Because my LO is 4 at the moment, I wanted to include a fun summer ice cream activity that incorporated learning her name as well as colors! 


Multi-purpose activities are my favorite and you can really go about this activity for learning so many fun ideas (addition/subtraction, name activities, colors…)


And because we are working with ice cream, we of course used popsicles sticks! 


Popsicle stick activities are amazing and can be a versatile set of tools for learning through play


For example, in this activity the crafting sticks were used to add into the popsicles for a fun learning colors activity! 


I’ll be sharing more on this Ice cream sticks activity below, so definitely stay posted for this awesomeness. 🙂 


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And, that my friends is all you will need for this ice cream popsicle stick activity!




DIY Ice Cream Popsicle Stick Learning Activity Video Below





Learning activities with popsicle sticks


So, let’s get into the many ways we used this fun ice cream stick project…


Firstly, I set up a color matching activity. 


My Lo was to insert the correct colored popsicle stick within the popsicle pocket. 


If you do not have dot stickers, that is okay!


You can always use different colored markers or just a black pen (for a more advanced approach) to write the color name onto the popsicle stick. 


Then, your LO can grab the popsicle stick and read the color name and insert it into the correct colored popsicle pocket.


Easy peasy, right? 


Secondly, once my LO was complete with this activity, I introduced a fun name popsicle stick name practice activity. 


Popsicle names are a fun way for LO’s to learn about their name and the sounds each letter of their name makes. 


I added the first few letters of her name onto dot stickers. 


Then, those same letters were added to the dot stickers on the craft sticks. 


The idea was to insert the correct wooden craft sticks letter to match its correct letter to create an ice cream popsicle stick! 


Learning through play and play based learning are my favorite types of play!! 


And, when it includes crafts using popsicle sticks in a fun learning way, it’s just. the. best! 


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ice cream popsicle stick learning activity diy



How do you make things out of popsicle sticks? 


So, how exactly did I put this popsicle stick craft / learning activity together? 


Here are the details: 


  • Fold a foam sheet in half. 

  • Then, cut a circular shape (like a popsicle) to the top. 

  • Close it together by using a hot glue gun making sure to leave an opening at the bottom.

  • Then, use dot stickers to add to the ends of jumbo popsicle sticks. 

  • Make sure that the colors match to the DIY popsicle foam sheets you just made. 

  • Then, add the correct colored popsicle stick into its correct colored foam sheet. 

  • Voila! You’ve a learning craft with popsicle sticks! 




What can I make out of craft sticks? 


Here are some ideas you can try with craft sticks: 


  • Ice cream stick artwork

  • Ice cream stick craft photo frame

  • Animals art with popsicle sticks

  • DIY puzzle with popsicle sticks

  • Ice cream stick artwork

  • Art ice cream sticks by painting the popsicle sticks in different colors.




What can you do with popsicle sticks? 


Popsicle sticks are such a fun and versatile supply. 


Some fun ice cream stick craft ideas would be to create an ice cream with popsicle sticks.

Or you can try this simple popsicle stick DIY we attempted which was really fun! 


Have you ever tried a craft with ice cream sticks? How did it go? 


If you have any fun jumbo craft sticks ideas or any art ice cream sticks ideas that you’ve attempted, share your ideas below! 


I’d love to maybe try them out too. 🙂 




How do you use popsicle sticks in the classroom?


You can create an epic ice cream stick project such as creating letters out of popsicle sticks. 


Lay out many popsicle sticks to create any letter, number or shapes! 


You can also try a fun set of artsy crafts with popsicle sticks such as the ones mentioned up above! 🙂 




ice cream popsicle stick learning activity

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