Ice Cream Hair Gel Sensory Bag for Kids


ice cream hair gel sensory bag for toddlers



Looking for the free printable I used in this DIY? Scroll down to the bottom of this post!


Have you ever made a sensory gel bag


It is the coolest thing! 


Squishy bags are really awesome sensory fun!


And, you can include small items such as pom poms or pieces of straws for a fun fine motor sensory bag! 


I themed this for summer time – Ice cream in a ziploc bag! 


Yes, there are ways to make homemade ice cream in a ziploc bag but this one is a bit different and not consumable. 


It is ice cream in a sensory bag for learning about colors with the pretend sprinkles! 


Isn’t that so neat?!


I’ll be sharing below how I made this simple hair gel sensory bag and what I used to put it together! 


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Easy peasy and super duper fun! 


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Ice Cream Sensory Bag Video Below: 



Ice Cream Hair Gel Sensory Bag


Sensory Bags for babies


It’s no wonder that this is a highly searched item – Bags for babies. 


It is so nice to know that you can make sensory bags for little ones with household items! 


You can even try sensory bags without hair gel. 


For example a bit of water into a sensory bag with a few of their foam alphabet letters to squish around can be lots of fun as baby play! 


Always extra secure the bag with a bit of tape so that the water is contained completely. 


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Ice Cream Hair Gel Sensory Bag for Kids



Toddlers bags


Sensory bags for toddlers are also very cool because you can theme them in whatever theme you’d like. 


For example: If it is Christmas time, create a sensory bag that is themed for Christmas. 


A pom pom sensory bag is one idea. 


You can add red and green pom poms into your sensory bag. 


Pom pom ice cream sensory bags can also be a fun way to learn about colors and counting. 


Add window sensory bags to your window with tape and squish, move the pom poms around and have fun! 


A gel ice sensory bag would be a neat idea for a winter themed sensory bag! 


Always make sure to supervise with smaller children and of course add extra tape to the bag to keep it extra secure. 


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How to make an Ice cream bag: 


Here are the steps I took to create this colored ziploc bags activity using straws: 


  • Use a craft knife to carve out the ice cream from the free printable onto one of the cardboard cutouts. 

  • Draw lines onto the other cardboard cutout that equal to the amount of straw pieces. 

  • Then, add hair gel and straw pieces into a ziploc bag making sure the straw pieces match to the ones you draw on the other cardboard cutout. 

  • Close up the ziploc bag leaving any air out. 

  • Tape the bag to the cardboard cutout with the drawn out colored lines. 

  • Then add the original cardboard cutout on top of it so that the ziploc bag created a hair gel ice cream shape. 

  • Tape it and hot glue it together and you’ve created an epic recycled DIY toy for early learning! 

  • I hope you enjoy this set of activities with straws!


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Ice Cream hair gel sensory play




Below is one of the sheets of the free printable that I used 🙂 Enjoy! 

Click here for your printable.

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