Ice Cream Cone Color Match Indoor Activity


Ice cream cone match indoor activity for kids


Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! 


Tell me you haven’t heard your kids chanting those words in your home recently like I have!


If your little one is singing this (and even if he/she is not), I’ve got an awesome indoor activity for you – ice cream themed! 


This activity is very simple to make and so much learning fun


I’ll share it all below, so grab a cup of coffee or tea (me!) and we’ll be on our way to making ice cream activities for our kids together! 


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So simple, that’s it! 



Ice Cream Activities at home for kids set up ..


We chose to make this activity be a color match


You can go about making it a counting match game if you’d like by adding a number 1, 2, all the way up too 100 set of numbers on the cone for a fun pom pom number match game! 


For a more advanced approach, add 3 cones and work on addition and subtraction with your kindergartener


So many fun ways to go about this! 



Ice Cream Cone Number Matching Preschool Games 


My preschooler enjoyed collecting the wool balls and adding the correct color to the cone. 


You can also try adding in a fun fine motor tool to work on fine motor skills! 


This will allow your preschooler to grab the wool ball or pom pom with the tool and add it to the top of the cone! 



Ice Cream Cone Matching Kindergarten Games


Kindergarteners will have a blast with these too! 


They can work on all a preschooler is working on and more! 


Try adding in 15 dots on the cone so they match 15 pom poms up atop. 


You can also add 6 tally marks to practice tally marking. 


Is your kindergartener learning to add and subtract?


Set two cones next to each other, with different numbered dots. 


Your child will then add the correct number pom poms scoops to match those dots and count them all to add them up. 


Take away with the second cone and deduct for a fun ice cream  subtraction game. 


What other fun ways can you think of using this Ice Cream Learning game?



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Ice cream cone match indoor activity for kids

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