How to make Taste Safe Cloud Dough Recipe with Video 


how to make cloud dough recipe



Making recipes, diy tutorials and fun videos of how to make playdough, how to make a sensory bag and how to make cloud dough like this recipe, is one of my favorite things to do! 


It’s really fun seeing my girls play with an activity I made at home for them using household ingredients. 


This time around I made cloud dough aka moon dough! 




How to make moon dough for kids


This cloud dough recipe is like any other with the addition of calming essential oils. 


I will be sharing below how I put this moon sand recipe flour and oil together and all we used to make it happen. 


Note: If you are interested in learning how to make homemade playdough, here is our recipe using coconut oil (although you can totally use regular cooking oil in replacement of the coconut oil as well). 





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How to make Moon Dough


  • I set out a bowl on the table. 



  • I then added ⅓ or ¼ of regular cooking/olive oil integrated with 1 tsp of water based food coloring into the mix. 

  • This is optional: Add less than 5 drops of lavender oil for a calming effect. 

  • Mix it up. 

  • And, your moon dough is ready to go! 




How to make cloud dough


Cloud dough is the pretty much the same exact recipe as moon dough. 


The moon dough recipe I mentioned up above is the same recipe as cloud dough. 


Here it is: 🙂




Check out our How to make cloud dough video below: 





Super easy cloud dough recipe



If you’d like to skip the lavender oil and the water based food coloring you’ve made a 2 ingredient cloud dough recipe which is super easy and takes minimal ingredients!




How to make cloud dough with conditioner


We’ve made cloud dough with conditioner. 


To check it out, here is our moon sand recipe we made around the holidays as faux snow


It is cloud dough/moon sand and super easy to make! 


Here are the ingredients for how to make cloud dough with conditioner: 





Cloud dough vs moon sand


Cloud dough and moon sand are exactly the same types of bases we use in our sensory play. 


You can add in extra variables like food coloring and essential oils but all in all it is basically a 2 ingredient recipe! 🙂 




Cloud dough coconut oil

Cloud dough coconut oil is a fairly simple 2 ingredient recipe. 


All you will need to make cloud dough using coconut oil is: 



That’s it! 🙂




Is this recipe edible moon sand? 


It is not!


Flour contains certain bacteria which prevents it from being an edible recipe. 


However it can be used for play and if you’d like to add it in the oven for a couple of minutes to kill any bacteria, that is a-okay! 


Please always supervise. 


Have you made a DIY recipe tutorial recently you’d like to share in the comments?

Have you ever made moon sand or cloud dough?


how to make moon dough recipe

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