How to make Peeps Playdough Recipe + Video Tutorial 


peeps playdough activity for kids



This is a 3 ingredient playdough recipe that is taste safe and so easy to make! 


This playdough recipe will work well for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and for kids! 


It is taste safe and pretty much edible although I don’t recommend eating it! 😀


We love making a good playdough recipe


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How to make Playdough with Peeps


Are you looking to make playdough with peeps? 


You are in the right place! 


This recipe only required 3 ingredients. 


And it’s taste-safe. 


It is also very soft and can be used with playdough tools and stamps.


Playdough is a wonderful fine motor tool. 


To learn more about fine motor play, check out this post here


The dough we used was the color blue but adding other fun peeps playdough colors such as pink, yellow and white would add more play to learn fun! 


You can turn this fun educational learning game and talk about colors. 


Someone mentioned to me this is sort of like how fondue is made. 


That is really neat! 


Who else loves fondue? 


I know I do! 🙂 




Here are the steps I took to put together this peeps playdough recipe: 


  • I used 6 peeps bunnies and placed them in the microwave. 

  • This allowed them to get a bit soft so I can mix in the other ingredients. 

  • Then, I added in 4 Tbsp of powdered sugar

  • And, 3 tsp of coconut oil thereafter.

  • Mix it all together and voila! 

  • You’ve made peeps playdough! 



how to make peeps playdough



Note: If your Peeps playdough is too sticky add a bit more powdered sugar. 


You will also notice that the eyes of the peeps don’t mix within the playdough.


Also, the recipe I used is with coconut oil. 


I have not tried a peeps playdough using regular cooking oil as I do not know the exact measurements for that.


However, I think it may be slightly less. 🙂 




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And, this is all you will need! 🙂 Easy peasy. 



Best Peeps Playdough Recipe Video Below



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Will you give this Peeps playdough a try? 


Have you already made this peeps dough before? 


How was your experience? Leave me a comment below letting me know 🙂


peeps playdough video tutorial

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