How to make Homemade Puffy Paint + Free Printable for Kids


diy puffy paint recipe



I absolutely love an easy DIY and this one is just super fluffy and fun! 


Included is a free printable so your LO can create puffy paint crafts with it. 


I’ll also share a video below how we used some of the sheets. 


This 3d Paint DIY is oodles of fun and can you believe that my oldest sort of kind of came up with this idea on her own. 


She didn’t know that this was actually puffy paint. 


Elmers glue and shaving cream was just sitting on the table and she decided to add them into a ziplock bag with a little teency weency bit of water. 


It was fun and I love how creative she is. I love how created both my girls are! 


So, with that, I’ll be sharing below what I used to put this painting recipe together and how you can create puffy paint crafts with it! 


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  • ½ cup shaving cream

  • ⅓ cup elmers glue

  • My Lo added a bit of water to hers. ½ tsp. This is not necessary and is optional. 




How do you make puffy paint for kids? 


We made three different colors (pink/purple, blue and green).


So, how to make puffy paint, you ask? 


Here are the steps to make an easy homemade paint (puffy) shaving cream and glue recipe:


  • Add the elmers glue/shaving cream portions into a zip lock bag. 

  • Then, a drop or two of food coloring into that same bag. 

  • Zip up the ziplock bag airtight. 

  • Shake the bag around. This is fun for kids to do too. 🙂 

  • Once your color has been dispersed and the bag is fully coated with its color, you are all set to go! 

  • Download and print the free printable (at the bottom of this post). 

  • Cut a small tip at the edge of your ziplock bag. 

  • Start doodling around the lines on the printable and have fun! 


This is a fun DIY foam paint that is so much fun! 



How to make Puffy Paint Video Below




Can you save puffy paint? 


Puffy paint can last for a little less than 1 week if you keep it nicely airtight within the zip lock bag. 


After a while it won’t be so puffy and will almost sort come to this dry consistency so a little less than 1 week (being that it is stored in an airtight bag) will be enough for this type of paint. 


But, most times we don’t even store it at all and use it all up in one round. 


Sometimes it’s just not enough! My girls love painting with puffy paint. 🙂


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Does shaving cream harden?


It does! 


Once we have left it to dry, the next day it dries to hardened texture.


The puffiness goes down and it becomes hard and rubbery. 



how to make puffy paint



How to get puffy paint off a shirt


How to get puffy paint off clothes:


Wash the area with warm water removing any of the puffy paint.


Then, apply rubbing alcohol and remove any colored areas with a sponge or magic eraser. 


Even though this will get the job done, the only downside is it isn’t fast. 


This is usually my method of, “How to remove puffy paint from clothes”. 


What is yours? 


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What is puffy paint used for? 


We like using puffy paint in our kids activities and crafts for kids! 


It is a wonderful and easy foam paint for kids that is loads of fun. 


I like bringing forth this homemade craft paint activity so my LO’s enjoy a day filled with puffy paint. 


Easy painting crafts are always a win! 


They love it! 


Hope you enjoyed this foam paint for kids activity. 


Have you ever tried puffy paint before? 


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Tap the one you’d like to go to! There are so many different ways you can attempt making homemade paint and homemade paint without food coloring.


Hint: You can make paint without food coloring by using: 


  • Liquid watercolors 

  • Sprinkles

  • Liquid gels

  • Herbs 

  • Kool Aid packets


And more! 🙂 




diy puffy paint diy for kids




Download the Free Printable Below (Scroll down)


ocean themed free printable for kids

Click here for your printable.

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