How to make a Rainbow Water Beads Sensory Bottle 

diy rainbow sensory bottle for kids

We have been having so much fun with our Alphabet Sensory Bag Activity at home, I decided to create a diy bottle for my 3 year old. 


Sensory bottles are one of our favorite types of sensory play. We have a collection of them and through time, I will post each one here so you can see them too! 

rainbow sensory bottle

This specific one is very beautiful. It is great for learning about the different colors of the spectrum. 


For a more advanced approach, have your kindergartener use a ruler to measure the distance between each of colors! 


There is so much you can try, it’s really neat. I will list a couple of ideas within this post! 

how to make a diy rainbow sensory bottle

How do you make a sensory water bead bottle?


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First, follow the directions on how to grow your water beads. Once they are fully grown or to the growth you’re looking for, your ready to begin the process. 

Separate your water beads by color. Once you are done, set aside.

how to make a sensory bottle for kids

Open your craft bottle. Insert your funnel into the craft bottle.

sensory play for kids sensory experience for babies

The funnel is so the water beads flow into the craft bottle easily. Once you have created your rainbow bottle it’s time for closing it. 

montessori rainbow sensory bottle

Use a hot glue gun (adults only) to close the bottle cap onto the bottle tightly shut.

rainbow orbeez sensory bottle

Set aside until the bottle cap is fully glued and dry. Then, the fun part, enjoy!!! 

baby sensory bottle

Simple Indoor Rainbow Sensory Bottle Sensory Activities


There are so many fun play ideas you can try using a rainbow sensory bottle. Here is a list of ideas that are both engaging and beneficial for sensory development: 

  • We practiced learning colors with my three year old. 

  • Use a sharpie to add numbers on each of the colors for learning about counting. 

  • Skip count for kindergarteners by adding every other number with a sharpie over every other color. 

  • Use a ruler to see the distance from each color and figure out how many inches each of the colors are apart from each other. 

  • Sensory baby activities. Babies can shake it around and hear the noise the water beads makes inside. 

  • Use a flashlight to watch the colors show on the wall (best at night time).

  • Sing a color song while shaking the bottle and naming the colors. 

diy rainbow sensory bottle for kids

What other play ideas can you think of for a fun sensory experience? Maybe we can try it out too! 


How long can you leave water beads in water? 

The water beads will shrink and return back to their normal state if left out of water. 

However, if the water beads are submerged in water they will essentially absorb that water and grow to their full potential. 

It’s as simple as that! 


But, how long can you leave them submerged in a sensory water bottle? That’s a great question. 

We haven’t had ours long enough to say what is the right answer to this question. But, I do know that water beads last up to about 2 years! 

So, unless I see something weird or fishy looking, I will be keeping ours in our collection for around this time. 

how to make a diy rainbow sensory bottle

Can you freeze water beads? 

This is an amazing question! We actually have frozen water beads inside of the freezer at the moment. 


We will be using these for a fun summer kids activity! So, yes you can freeze water beads and they are awesome for play! 

I hope you enjoyed this easy peasy DIY rainbow sensory bottle. I also hope that you try it out too! If you do, please share with me!

diy sensory bottle for kids

Will you give this Rainbow Sensory Bottle DIY a try?

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how to make a rainbow water beads sensory bottle

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