How to make Cloud Dough Recipe Pretend Ice Cream Shop Video Tutorial 


cloud dough for kids



You’ve come to the right place for a fun and easy 2 ingredient cloud dough recipe – themed for Ice cream! 🙂 


Scroll down a bit to watch the video on how I made this and the 2 ingredients used to set this simple kids activity together. 


Have you ever made cloud dough


It is this soft and really neat texture that is great for a fun ice cream activity. 


Because summer is here, this is an awesome activity for summer. 


But, really you can bring this out all year round. 


And, we definitely do! 


So, here it goes. 


I will be sharing how easy this cloud dough recipe is to put together, what you will need to make this and how we incorporated a fun ice cream theme for toddlers, preschoolers and for kids. 


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cloud dough



How do you make cloud dough? 


It’s easy! I will be sharing exactly how I made this cloud dough and how you can very easily too! 


Here it goes.. 


All you will need are ‘hair conditioner’ and ‘cornstarch’! 


Here’s how we made it..



How do you make cloud dough with 2 ingredients? 



And, this is what you will need to make this epic cloud sand texture like baby dough recipe. 


How to make Cloud Dough Recipe Video Below




What is cloud dough?


I can only presume cloud dough is called cloud dough because of its name. 


It’s airy, mushy and so, so soft. 


It crumbles and can be molded back into a ball. 


It only takes two ingredients to make a cloud (cloud dough) and we are all for it! 🙂 


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cloud dough recipe



How to make playdough with cornstarch


How to make cloud dough… 


1 part hair conditioner to 2 parts cornstarch. 


Easy peasy is this playdough’s middle name. 🙂 




Does cloud dough dry out?


It should last you a couple of days to about 1 week in an airtight container/ziploc bag. 


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how to make cloud dough recipe



How do you make fluffy cloud dough?


If you are looking to make your cloud dough fluffy, you can try the same recipe up atop but with a more specific set of instructions. 


Fluffy can mean bigger and in my opinion thats what this means. 


Cloud dough is naturally fluffy but making it in bigger amounts will allow for a fluffy cloud dough. 


So, here we go.. 



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I hope you try this simple ice cream cloud dough recipe out. And if you have, how did it go? 


Enjoy! 🙂


how to make cloud dough recipe for kids

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