How to dye beans for sensory play 


how to make rainbow beans



Are you looking for a way to dye beans for sensory play?


The easiest way to dye beans in my opinion is with – paint!


That’s right, I said it, paint. 🙂



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I have dyed uncooked chickpeas beans using our metallic paint and they came out stunning!


It was perfect for a fun Fourth of July activity or a New Years activity for kids. 


The beans I dyed this time around are lima beans. 


Now, there are two types of lima bean sizes. 


The large ones and the small ones. 


I chose to use the small ones this time around. 


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They were more circular and perfect for a fun dino themed sensory bin for my girls. *Supervision is advised.


So, let’s get into our colored beans recipe, shall we?


Note: To learn how we use paint to dye our sensory rice for play, definitely check out this post, right here



how to dye beans for sensory play




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How to dye beans:


I will include a how to dye beans video here for your viewing reference. Right below I will be including the steps you can take to dye your beans as well.



How to Dye Beans Video




How to color beans for play:



rainbow rice for kids




Sensory Play Ideas for kids


how to make beans for sensory play for kids


So, now that you have dyed your beans, how can you use them for play?


I recently posted a story on my Instagram page, showing my girls bring out their toy dinosaurs into the sensory bin


The lima beans dry up looking almost marble like which look exactly like dino eggs. 


My girls pretended they found a dino egg nest and created an epic dino small world play!


The very next day, I made a fun educational play idea for my preschooler of sorting the dino eggs by color. 


I used a muffin tin with 6 holes, so she can place the correct colors into each hole. 


It was fun! And when she was over it, she dumped them all back in the bin and it became a fun sensory bin again!


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I love sensory play


It is absolutely the very, very best. 


If you want to learn more about how sensory play is filled with benefits and over 100 sensory play ideas, do not forget to check out this post right here. 🙂





What other fun ways can you think of using these colorful beans for sensory play?


Happy Learning!



Will you give this How to Dye Beans tutorial a try?


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how to dye beans for sensory play

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