How do you make a Leak Proof Bag Color Matching Activity?


how do you make a leak proof bag



Creating a leak proof bag is so much magical fun for kids


There is the plastic baggy activity that incorporates a clear pencil bag activity with a pencil that goes through the bag and magically the water does not leak. 


This activity is so neat. 


We tried the pencil bag for kids experiment with a little twist to it. 


I wanted to incorporate a bit of early learning for learning colors while exploring this very popular plastic bag water experiment  and so that is what I did! 


I’ll explain how we went about it below but first let’s talk science magic for kids! 


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Poke a Pencil/Toothpick through A Bag of Water Video Below: 



Why can you poke a pencil through a bag of water? 


How does the leak proof bag work? 




What is a ziploc bag made out of? 




Polymers move because they are flexible.




Why doesn’t the water leak?


When you stab a pencil or a toothpick into a water filled bag, the polymers form a seal around the pencil. 


This in turn prevents any water from leaking out of the bag. 


So, why does the leak proof bag work? 


Because of the polymers and their method of moving apart when a pencil or toothpick goes through it. 


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how do you make a leak proof bag color matching activity




How do you make a leaf proof bag? 


It’s so easy you will be amazed! 

  • Add enough water into your bag to where it won’t spill out when you zip it.

  • Then, zip it up. 

  • Poke a pencil through the bag and watch how this trick science experiment unfolds! 


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Sandwich bag science experiments with a bit of early learning


Looking for activities about water


Here’s how we made this simple, “poke toothpick through bag water” experiment for kids educational: 


  • Color toothpicks in different colors.

  • Color the dot stickers in those same colors. 

  • Then, add the dot stickers all around the zipped plastic bag.

  • Add water into a ziploc bag.

  • Then, zip up your waterproof ziplock bag.

  • Poke a pencil/toothpick through the bag by matching the correct colored toothpick into its correct colored dot sticker on the ziploc bag and watch the magic unfold. 


Looking for more activities with water? 


Here are some ideas we have attempted before and that were so much fun: 



I hope that you enjoyed this simple and easy water activity/science experiment for kids and that you try it out too!


how do you make a leak proof bag color matching activity for kids

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