Holiday Winter Wonderland Slime Recipe


Winter Wonderland Slime



In this home, slime is definitely one my girls love! 


Its squishy.. soft.. jelly-like..wobbly texture is one that can’t be by-bassed.. ever! 


I can’t blame them.


Without all of the sticking to everything, I’d absolutely love this wobbly substance too! 


So, I used our handy dandy easy slime recipe for kids with this one but improvised with it a bit. 


I added in fine iridescent glitter and jewels – winter wonderland slime! 



iridescent slime



This holiday slime is so much fun and so pretty to look at! 


*Because of the fine glitter I did see tiny flecks on my hand if I looked close enough, so if you’d like to emit that just use thicker, bigger glitter and you won’t see that at all! 


If you want to learn how I made this slime, I’ll be sharing how I made it below. 


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easy slime recipe




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slime recipe for kids



How to put your winter holiday slime together:


  • Add glue, baking soda and glitter (optional) into a bowl. 

  • Mix it up. 

  • Then, add in your eye solution at small intervals. 

  • Once you can hold your slime without it sticking to your fingers, you’re all set and ready to play with your slime!

  • Add in jewels to is (optional and supervision is advised).

  • Enjoy! 


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slime tutorial diy



Some Common questions about easy slime recipes


How do you make easy slime


“How you make slime with 3 ingredients”, you ask? 


Easy slime consists of 3 ingredients only.



That’s it! 


3 ingredient slime recipe



The trick is 1 cup glue to ½ cup of baking soda. Mix that up and then add in your eye solution gradually. 


glitter slime tutorial



You don’t want to overdo it with eye solution as your slime will get hard. 


You also don’t want to underdo it with eye solution as it will be too sticky. 


As my mom always likes to say, “Add in little by little, because then you won’t overdo it!”


glitter slime



How do you make Elmer’s slime?


This recipe is made using elmer’s glue and 2 other necessary ingredients: baking soda and contact eye solution. I hope you try it out! 



How do you make a snowflake slime? 


I would consider this winter wonderland slime to be a snowflake slime! You can always add in a bit of snowflake jewels or snowflake glitter if you fancy! Supervision is advised! 



How do you make holiday slime?


I plan to make one more slime this holiday season. This is one of them! I hope you enjoy and try it out!


holiday slime



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Winter Wonderland Slime

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