Holiday Sticky Wall Activity for Toddlers


Holiday Sticky Wall for Kids



Sticky walls are so much fun! 


But do you know how to make them? All you need is one special item:


Contact paper! 


That’s right! Contact paper is what will allow your child to be able to stick small toys or items on them! 


Wouldn’t it be amazing and fun to learn about colors by sticking them on to sticky paper?


Or what about learning numbers by sticking foam letters to some sticky paper?


I know I would! 


Play to learn at its best right here! 


That’s what it’s all about. 


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And, you’re all set! 



Ways to use contact paper with kids


We really enjoyed learning about the different colors using different colored bows on the contact paper


I also improvised and added in a few wooden ornaments so they could have a bit of a variety. 


Some other fun ways you can go about having fun and turning it into an educational experience is: 


Contact Paper activities for toddlers ideas: 


These are just some fun ideas off the top of my head. What other ways can you think of using contact paper with?



How I set up this fun contact paper activity – Christmas themed – for my toddler


I removed the contact paper


Then, I flipped it around making sure the sticky part was facing towards me. 


Use tape to tape it on the top and bottom and sides if you wish! 


Once it was taped down, I added a small tray with all of the fun bows and snowflakes within it next to my toddler. 


She went at it and started adding the colored bows to the sticky wall!


She and I would call out the colors of each holiday bow and count how many of the same types there were.


It was wholesome learning fun! 


Have you ever tried making a fun sticky wall for your toddlers



How to setup this finger painting festive lights activity


I added swirly lines to red/green/blue construction paper using a black crayola marker


Then, I squeezed some festive paint onto the paint palettes. 


I set both the construction paper and paint palettes filled with multicolored paint onto the table. 


Once, that was set they both came to the table and went straight for it! 


They dotted the areas within the swirly lines that had a fun little black square and dotted right on that! 


For a fun learning experience, you can count the dots as they are placed. 


Your child can also mark the correct color match by making those black squares on the swirls different colors! 


What other fun ways can you think about using these? 


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Holiday Sticky Wall for Kids

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