Hearts Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers


fine motor activity for toddlers



Water play is by far one of our most favorite forms of play in this home. 


It’s easy to put together, it is loaded with sensory benefits, and you can tailor it to a certain theme, season or set it up as a fun learning game. 


This particular one is themed for Valentines Day


I used small foam hearts and small elastic bands to bring out a fun learning approach


I’ll be sure what exactly we used along with how we went about this fun learning game for kids! 


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How to set up this Fine Motor Activity for Kids


This activity is simple as making apple pie. 


Well, maybe even easier. 🙂 


All you’ll need to set this simple water play activity is as follows:


  • Add water into a bin (not too much but just enough to where the foam hearts and elastic hair ties can float a little.)

  • Then add in a few foam hearts and hair ties

  • Set up a little towel next to your bin and another bin for collecting. 

  • Use your fine motor tool to collect the hair ties and hearts. 

  • Want to make it a fun learning game? Count them as you collect them. 




How do two year olds develop fine motor skills? 


What are examples of fine motor skills


Two year olds can develop fine motor skills by trying out activities such as: 


  • Using fine motor tools 

  • Use kid friendly scissors to cut through paper

  • Holding crayons and coloring

  • Folding pages 

  • Practice drawing circles, squares, shapes in general.

  • Scooping and Pouring 

  • Digging up letter magnets and numbers within a sensory bin

  • Removing painters tape 

  • Montessori toys such as opening and closing toys

  • Collecting their toys and adding them into a bin


And so much more! 




How can I help my child with poor fine motor skills? 


You can try the methods mentioned above such as practicing using fine motor tools and using kid friendly scissors to cut through paper.. 


These are tried and true methods that your child will naturally pick up and learn in their own time. 




What are fine motor activities? 


Here are a few we have tried and we absolutely loved: 



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If you have any other fine motor skills activities that are helpful, please leave me a comment below and share with us.


simple fine motor activity for toddlers

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