Halloween Spooky Punch Sensory Play 

halloween spooky punch sensory play

Halloween is upon us! Isn’t it wonderful?


I love setting up a quick and easy Halloween activity for my girls everyday. Especially during a holiday. 


So, here we are with a fun little setup which was actually very simple to put together! My toddler and my 5 year old had some spooky fun and enjoyed the themed sensory experience. 


For all things sensory such as sensory play, sensory bins and the benefits, check out this post right here. 



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That’s it! 

halloween activities for toddlers

I added water to a bin. I used red and yellow food coloring to create the awesome orange color you see. Then, I inserted the water beads to grow within that water.


Once the water beads were close to fully grown my girls began playing with their Spooky sensory bin (they just couldn’t wait anymore!)


I added in some fun kitchen tools (scoopers) and their kid bowls into the mix and they were off playing for quite some time. 


Apart from the water beads, I added other manipulatives for this fun Halloween activity! 


Halloween mini erasers, spooky cookie cutters and play insects were in the sensory bin too! It was very spooky and fun! 


Fun Halloween Games for Kids


Some other fun ideas you can try with this easy Halloween sensory bin are: 


  • Scooping and counting how many manipulatives you collected. This is wonderful for learning about numbers. 

  • Add in magnet letters to play a game of spooky letter fishing. 

  • “What color are the water beads that you collected”? This is a wonderful question to ask for learning colors. This activity and the 2 mentioned above are wonderful halloween activities for pre-school.

  • Instead of making a water sensory bin as we did, you can try making orange jello. So fun and calls for one of many halloween activities for toddlers.

  • Practice fine motor skills by adding a kids toy tweezer to collect the erasers! Excellent for fine motor and grasping practice! 


What other fun play ideas can you think of? Maybe, we can try your idea out this coming Halloween too! 


Will you give this Spooky Halloween Activity for Kids a try?

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halloween spooky punch sensory play

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