4 Spooky Halloween Calming Sensory Bottles

diy halloween calming sensory bottles


We have a collection of sensory bottles at home. They are so easy to make! 


I’ll definitely list the ones we have made down below so you can check them out too!


This specific one I wanted to make, was to be themed for Halloween (of course) and I wanted it to be a slow motion calm down sensory bottle. 


Sometimes, it’s nice to unwind and help our children in different areas of relaxation and calmness using sensory play when they are feeling all types of feelings and emotions. 


So, the idea was to create one, but it ended up being 4, which is okay with me. We all can have one! 🙂

spooky sensory bottles


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That’s all!


Now, let’s put these sensory bottles together. 


calm down sensory bottle



How to put together: Four Spooky Halloween Sensory Bottles


Add hot water into cup. 


how to make a sensory bottle


I used a Ball Wide Mouth Cup that measures 2 cups already which is perfect because it will fill my sensory bottle very close to the top.  


halloween sensory bottle


Insert glue to about ½ of the cup. (Example: If you are using 2 cups, add give or take 1 cup of glue. If you are using 1 cup, add give or take ½ cup of glue.


sensory bottles



Stir very well so that the glue mixes with the hot water.


Set aside until water cools down.


Once your water mixed with glue mixture has cooled down, add it into a craft bottle using a funnel. 

how to sensory bottles


Then, for the fun part!


Insert glitter and food coloring (optional).


sensory bottles diy



If you are inserting food coloring, make sure to only use a tiny little bit, so it doesn’t dilute the water heavily making the water really dark where you are unable to see the glitter moving around.


Personally, I would skip the food coloring step but do what feels right for you and what you are trying to attempt. 🙂


Now, you are ready to close your bottle. Use a hot glue gun (adult use only) to close it tightly and securely.


how to make a sensory bottle diy


Shake it up! And, watch the magic unfold. 




Let me know in the comments if you try it out! It’s really fun to make and use for on the go or when needed. 


Will you give these 4 Spooky Halloween Sensory Bottles a try this Halloween?


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diy halloween calming sensory bottles


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