Halloween Sensory Bin with Spaghetti for Kids

halloween spaghetti sensory bin for kids


Sensory bins, sensory bottles, and sensory bags are my go to activity for my girls because they are so easy to put together, SO beneficial and really fun!


They can be made for a fun learning activity, on the go (sensory bottles) or themed like this one. 


This spooky Halloween Spaghetti Sensory bin was a hit in our home! I added in a little monster treat stencil for extra bonus fun.


monster game for halloween


Check it out below!


If you haven’t checked out our 4 Spooky Halloween Sensory Bottles you won’t want to miss these. They are spooktacular! 



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That’s all you’ll need!


Alright, let’s put this sensory bin together:


halloween spooky spaghetti sensory bin



How to put together Halloween Spaghetti Sensory Bin 


It’s really easy to dye cooled spaghetti. There are a number of different ways but the funnest way I’ve found is this:


  • Cook your spaghetti. Drain.

  • Let it cool down. 

  • Then, the fun part..

  • Insert cooled down spaghetti into zip lock bag

  • Insert about ½ cup of water and food coloring of choice. fun for kids spaghetti play

  • Close the zip lock bag tightly. 

  • Shake it up 

  • Once the pasta is fully coated (it takes seconds) drain it.

  • Then, leave it out to dry in a pot, pan, bin…


Finally, once its dry, you’re spaghetti is all set and ready for play. 


spaghetti sensory


Add it into a bin or tray with fun spooky manipulatives. We used spooky eyeballs for our fun monster cut out template you can find here. 


halloween spooky sensory bin for kids


We also added in Halloween themed pom poms, spooky cauldrons and kids scissors for some fine motor practice into the mix. 


halloween spooky sensory bin for preschool


And it’s all set and ready for play! 


*Supervision is a must as there are smaller manipulatives within this bin.


spooky spaghetti sensory bin



Monster Printable for tissue box DIY


I also included a fun little bonus with this spooky sensory bin. I grabbed an old tissue box for a fun recycled activity. 


monster sensory for kids



In this post, you will find a freebie that includes a fun monster coloring page. You can cut it out when it’s colored and done by your little one. 


fine motor sensory bin

noodle spaghetti sensory bin


Attach it to the tissue box opening with double sided tape. 


fine motor monster activity


Monster Printable Learning Activity Ideas

Collect the eyeballs by inserting them into the monster eye cutout and into the tissue box!


spaghetti sensory activity


Turn this monster game printable with an educational approach by counting how many eyes the monster collected! 


Ask your little one, “What different colors are the spaghetti?”


What other fun early childhood educational ideas can you think of trying with this fun Halloween Spaghetti Sensory bin?



kids monster sensory bins


Will you give this Halloween Sensory Bin with Spaghetti for Kids a try this October?


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halloween spaghetti sensory bin for kids


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