Spooky Halloween Puzzle Stencils Kids Activity + Free Printable

halloween puzzle stencils kids crafts & learning activity


Halloween is upon us! Happy October Everyone! I am so glad you are here.


I’ve compiled a few of our favorite Halloween prints into one printable so you can use as stencils for a fun craft, activity, as a coloring page, or learning activity like we did!


I used the spooky and fun little pumpkin, friendly ghost and gliding bat from this printable as stencils for a fun craft stick learning activity!


But you can totally use them in whatever way you like such as the few ideas mentioned above. Can you think of another fun way to use these? 


I hope enjoy them as much as we did! Have fun!


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Halloween Counting Activities for Preschoolers



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halloween activities for kids at home


Get Crafty with this Halloween Activity!


Alright, now that you’ve your supplies all ready to go! Your all set to begin. 


After you’ve printed the free printable provided below this post, you can choose to laminate them.


crafts for kids

If not, you can begin cutting out the outer edge of the spooky ghost, or hat or any little one you’d like for a fun spooky activity!


Then, you can use scissors or a craft knife (optional) like we did to cut out the inner part to create a stencil! 

for kids at home


Set the stencils aside. Lay out your craft sticks and tape them. 


Halloween activities


Turn them around. Use your stencils to paint on the spooky little witch hat, ghost, bat…


learning activities for preschoolers

crafts for preschoolers


Set them out to dry.


kindergarten activities at home


Once they are dry, remove the tape.


preschool activities at home


Use a sharpie marker to write numbers on the top of the craft sticks to create an epic Halloween puzzle game for preschoolers and kindergarteners! 


crafts for kids at home


You can make this a fun game for kindergarteners by adding even and odd numbers, skip counting by 5’s, 10’s, 20’s.. 


preescolar actividades


Try adding the alphabet or your child’s name! How fun!


learning through play


What other fun ways can you think of using these!


Enjoy! Have fun! 


Will you give these Halloween Puzzle Stencils Kids Activity + Free Printable? 

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halloween puzzle stencils kids crafts & learning activity


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