Halloween Pumpkin Science Experiment for Kids 

Halloween Pumpkin Science Experiment for Kids


Hope you’re having a wonderful month of October! We have tried a rather exceptional version of the “skittles science experiment” using only orange and green skittles. 


Before attempting this amazing experiment, I was unsure if it would work well being that there were so many orange candies! But, I still kept a positive approach.


halloween for kids


This STEM activity for kids is so, so much fun and perfect for Halloween. It’s spooktacular!


Have you ever tried the Skittles experiment? 


Not sure what that is? It is an experiment where you add different colored skittles around the edge of a round plate. Once you have completed this step, add warm water to the middle. 


Then, something magical happens..


The skittles colors start to come together and form this magical rainbow of colors! 


Its really cool and fun for kids! 


So, we attempted a pumpkin looking skittles experiment, and it was a total hit! 


pumpkin indoor activity


Here are the details on how you can try it at home this Halloween, too: 


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How it works: Halloween STEM activity for kids 


Miss 6 and I added orange skittles around the edge of the white plate. The plate we used was a plastic one. 



indoor halloween activities


Once we got to the top of the plate, she added the green skittles to make a pumpkin stem. 


pumpkin activity for kindergarten


Then, the magic happened.. 


I warmed up some water and added in that water into the center of the plate. We waited. 


halloween activity for preschool


Then, we saw the colors starting to flow towards the middle of the plate. It was magical. 


preschool halloween activity


My girls absolutely loved this activity and you bet we’ll be sure to try this again! 


stem for kids


Have you ever tried the skittles science experiment with your little ones? How did it go? I’d love to know! 


Tip: My girls still ate the skittles even though they were immersed in water, so you won’t really have to throw them out. 


Also, you can try regular temp water. It will still work but it will not work as fast as if you used the warmer water. 


Hope that helps and I hope you try it out. Enjoy!


pumpkin science experiment for kids


Leave me a comment down below if you have any questions at all! 


Happy October! 


Will you give this Halloween Science Experiment for Kids a try this October?


Halloween Pumpkin Science Experiment for Kids


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