Halloween Numbers 1-20 Counting Mats for Preschool and Kindergarten

Halloween counting mats preschool


These spooky and fun Halloween Counting Mats are Spooktacular! Both my girls love when I make these counting mats and this time it’s themed for Halloween! 


Have you checked out the Halloween Alphabet Match Learning Activity? It’s a fun one!


These are low prep activities which are so much fun and create a wonderful learning experience that incorporate learning while playing I’m all for that!  


The hands-on experience is one my girls truly enjoy and I hope yours do too! 


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If your little one enjoys all things rainbow, be sure to check out these Rainbow Counting Mats. These are by far my girls favorite!



How it works: Halloween Number Counting Match Game


The place mats work well for a differentiated set of ages. My girls are 3 and 6 and both love learning with these in their own way. 


preschool counting mats for kids


Both my girls love using Halloween themed mini erasers, little balls of play dough, and using a dry erase marker on a dry erase pocket for practicing with these. 


early years education counting mats



Some of the different areas this activity covers:

  • Number Counting

  • Number Awareness/ Recognition

  • Skip Counting 

  • Addition/Subtraction

  • 10 Frames

  • Even/Odd Numbers

homeschooling ideas counting mats


Halloween Counting Mats for Preschool 


Miss 3 enjoys practicing her fine motor skills by making sure each of the erasers are within the center of each of the squares. 


She may not know the numbers she is learning after 1-2-3 but she’ll practice her fine motor with those extra numbers using the erasers.


counting mats for kindergarteners


Miss 3 also enjoys calling out the different colors she sees on the place mats. It’s a wonderful time we get together to learn and have fun! 


free printables for preschool


I will often call out the numbers so she says that each has their own sound and name. 


What other fun ways can you think about using these with a preschooler? 


Halloween Counting Mats for Kindergarten


One of the wonderful things about 10 frames is that when learning about skip counting, it’s just so simple!


counting mats for early education


Miss 6 can actually see that if she’s skip counting by 10’s, it’s easy to see that 10+10 equals 20 by way of the ten frames. 


We absolutely love these for learning about skip counting. 


Would you like me to create one with ten 10 frames for a much more advanced approach to teaching your littles? Please leave me a comment so I can take this into consideration and get to work 🙂


Miss 6 enjoys all that miss 3 does and a little more. She uses these for learning to add and subtract with the erasers or within a dry erase pocket. 


early childhood education counting mats


What other ways can you think of using these counting mats with a kindergartener? 



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