Halloween Noodles Sensory Activity Bin

halloween noodles sensory activity for kids

We have really been loving our spooky spider sensory bin, I decided to create a spooky noodle bin for my girls. This time I used a smaller bin and it worked out just as well! 


We really enjoy sensory bins so much in this home. It can be created in so many different ways. 


I can create a bin that is themed, for a birthday party, or to my daughters liking for that specific day based on her mood, just for fun, for a learning experience… so many ways! 


As I mentioned in my last post, sensory bins are definitely top 5 in our household. It is one of those types of play that just works well for everyone. 


For more on all things sensory play, check out this post right here



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That’s it! 


Really easy to put together. My girls went at it imagining different play ideas for quite some time. And this mama right here, got the dishes done – check! 

halloween spaghetti activty for kids with manipulatives

Halloween Sensory Noodle Activities for Toddlers 

My 2 year old used these ikea utensils to scoop and serve onto these ikea plates. It really works well for fine motor practice! 


She enjoyed seeing the colors of the noodles. I would call out, “Orange and Green”, so that she was familiar that there were different colors throughout the bin. 


You can also try singing a song to the different colors of the noodles while they play – learning through play at its best! 


What other fun games and learning play ideas can you think of with this sensory noodle bin? 


Halloween Sensory Noodle Activities for Pre-school


Sensory noodles are so much fun for preschoolers. Playing with the noodles is a great way to imagine up little ideas and explore their inner world through play. 


The noodles are also thin and perfect for practicing fine motor skills and hand-eye amongst many other benefits. 

For an educational approach, you can try counting the noodles with your preschooler. Lay out each noodle and count them with her/him. 


If you dye the pasta with food coloring, practice naming the different colors that you see! 

For more advanced school aged children, you can try laying out 2 green pastas next to 3 orange pastas. Then, ask them, “If I have 2 green ones and add 3 orange ones, how many do I have in total?” 


What other fun play ideas can you think of while playing with this sensory noodle bin? 

Will you give this Halloween Noodles Sensory Bin Activity for kids a try? 

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halloween noodles sensory activity for toddlers

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