Halloween Foam Sticker Rolling Pin for Playdough DIY


diy halloween foam sticker rolling pin


We have been enjoying our Halloween Spaghetti Sensory Bin so much this Halloween. 


I decided to bring forth another spooky indoor activity for my girls. 


This rolling pin DIY was such a treat this Halloween. My girls loved it!


It’s a simple DIY you can probably try at home right now. You only need 2 materials to make it. Can you guess them?


A rolling pin and foam stickers! 


Read below to see what other fun activities you can try this DIY rolling pin with!


rolling pin foam sticker diy halloween


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Super easy and fun! 


rolling pin diy for halloween


How to put together: Foam Sticker Rolling Pin DIY


This activity is by far one of the easiest activities you will probably ever make. 


Peel off the foam stickers (we used themed ones for Halloween) and attach them to your rolling pin. 


Now, set out your playdough and use your rolling pin to create some fun and spooky indentations on the playdough! 


You can also try using washable paint or tempera paint for a fun foam sticker rolling pin on paint! 


That’s really all there is to it! Have fun!


halloween rolling pin diy for kids



Some fun educational ways to use a foam sticker rolling pin


We haven’t tried this yet, but I’ve had it in the back of my mind to try out soon. 


There are foam stickers of all kinds! 


Alphabet foam stickers are a perfect way to learn about the alphabet, your child’s name or words while playing!


Number foam stickers are also a great way to learn about numbers and counting. This is a great way to learn while playing! 


Shape Foam stickers would be great for learning about the different shapes! 


Animal Foam stickers would be a great way to learn about the different farm animals, safari animals, sea animals… 


What other fun foam stickers can you think of using for a fun educational activity using a DIY foam rolling pin?


diy halloween activity for kids using rolling pin


Will you give this Halloween Foam Sticker Rolling Pin for Playdough a try this Fall?


Pin it for later?

diy halloween foam sticker rolling pin

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