Halloween Alphabet Match Learning Activity for Preschool and Kindergarten

halloween alphabet match printable for preschool and kindergarten


Happy October!


We have been enjoying our Halloween Counting Mats for Preschool and Kindergarten, that I decided to create an alphabet match set of placemats, Halloween themed! 


All things spooky and fun are being brought forth including this Alphabet Match Game we are loving!


Did you ever check out our Summer Alphabet Match game? It was a great one! 


So, I thought about bringing it back but this time… with a Halloween theme! Would you be interested in different themes for different seasons? 



kindergarten printables for kids


It seems as though a lot of my subscribers really enjoyed it! I will most definitely bring it back for different seasons and fun themes! 🙂


It is a fun, engaging and effective hands-on activity that helps children learn the alphabet, its letter sounds, uppercase/lowercase, learning how to spell their name and more! 


halloween free printables



How it works: Halloween Alphabet Match Game


These placemats are wonderful guides to teaching children in so many different ways and in a differentiation of ages, about the alphabet! 


One way we like to use these are with alphabet magnets and/or themed erasers. For this particular one we used Roshelle from Happicrafts.com amazing sprinkle letters!!


halloween free printables



When I am teaching my children about how to spell their name, I’ll throw in some repetitive manipulatives such as these colored jeweled stones. 


They work very well for marking along as they go about spelling their name or making a word.


I also really enjoy incorporating a sleeve pocket with a dry erase marker so that they can trace the uppercase/lowercase letters. These are great as it protects the page for future learning! 



kindergarten free printable


What other fun ways can you think of using this Halloween Match Learning Activity? 



Alphabet Match Activity for Preschool


My 3 year old enjoys cutting paper and has been very self motivated in practicing her fine motor skills. 


These placemats are great for cutting practice. Cut on the lines to create little squares which will turn into a great fine motor practice lesson! 



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I also enjoy using the alphabet image page to show her the different sounds each letter makes. She’ll repeat after me and we both get a giggle out of each other.


We call out the different colors and animals we see on the alphabet image page. It’s fun! 



Alphabet Match Activity for Kindergarten


My 6 year old enjoys these as much as my 3 year old does. 


Only difference is, my 6 year old uses these in a more advanced approach and loves it! 



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Side note: Learning through play! That’s what it’s all about. 


I’m an advocate for this type of learning. Playing and learning simultaneously, help the brain retain information a lot quicker! 


Miss 6 enjoys using the letter magnets to match the uppercase/lowercase letters and vice versa. 


She also enjoys using spooky Halloween erasers to add onto each letter after she finished calling them out by either their letter name or letter sound.


Miss 6 is into sight words at the moment. She creates words using her alphabet magnets. Its neat! 


Both of my girls enjoy coloring. So, I’ve added b&w to this printable for retaining printer ink along with a fun coloring page for your littles. Enjoy! 



preschool free printable



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