Gold Play Dough Recipe using Liquid Watercolors with Video Tutorial 

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how to make gold playdoh



Play dough. 🙂 


It is one of my most favorite open ended diy materials we use at home.




Well, because it’s easy to make, it’s ready in minutes and you can pretty much theme it for whatever occasion you’d like!


Add in some manipulatives such as pom poms, cookie cutters, diy stamps… and your littles are set to play with this awesomeness! 




How do you make homemade playdough without cooking? 


You can make playdough easily without cooking it!


All you really need is warm-hot water and that does all the cooking for you. 


I’ll be sharing below a few of our playdough recipes and how we made them all without cooking. 




What is play dough made of? 


Playdough can be made in all sorts of different ways. Some materials that can be used to make playdough are: 



And so much more..




What does cream of tartar do in play dough?


Cream of tartar isn’t really necessary to make your play dough


However, we use it because it helps make the playdough soft and adds a bit of elasticity. 


Along with the salt acting as a preservative which is a major ingredient in play dough, cream of tartar can also act as a preservative too. 




How to make play dough easy recipe video tutorial




How do you make playdough soft? 


There are three different ingredients (and I am sure there are more too) that we have used to make our playdough soft. Here they are: 




how to make homemade playdough recipe and tutorial




How to make playdough without cream of tartar and heat


How do you make uncooked playdough?


How do you make playdough with 2 ingredients? 


I’ve got you!


There is a 2 ingredient lotion recipe which is divine and does not include cream of tartar or heat. Here’s how to make it: 



This recipe goes by a 2:1 ratio. Easy peasy! 




How do you make playdough with 4 ingredients? 


The extra 2 ingredients you will need to make your 2 ingredient playdough recipe 4 ingredients are these: 



The previous 2 ingredients were



This is a soft playdough recipe as the baby lotion mixed in with the finely milled cornstarch allows for the playdough to be extra soft! 🙂 



how to make gold playdough recipe



How do you make playdough without cornstarch of flour? 


There are two recipes we have used to make out playdough without cornstarch or flour. 





How to make playdough with flour


How to make playdough with cream of tartar and flour


Here is a step by step guide on how we made our gold playdough using flour and cream of tartar: 



And there you have it.. The best playdough recipe using liquid watercolors! 




How to make playdough without cream of tartar


We have made an uncooked playdough recipe which was really soft. 


This koolaid playdough recipe which did not include cream of tartar turned out very soft and nice. 


Check out our koolaid playdough recipe, here




What kind of salt is used in playdough? 


I use regular salt in our play dough recipes. 


Nothing fancy is used. Just plain old regular salt. 🙂



Does playdoh expire?

It does!


Shelf life for play dough is 6 months. 


I like to keep ours for less than that – 4 months. 


Making playdough is fun for my family and I, so in order to avoid seeing an unnecessary mold from growing on our playdough, I toss them out at around 4 months and make new batches. 🙂 


So, there you have it! 


Playdough recipe with cream of tartar, playdough recipes without cream of tartar, our best playdough recipes and more.. 


Have you made play dough before? How did it turn out?


Leave me a comment down below letting us know! 🙂



gold playdough recipe and tutorial

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