Glow in the Dark Ghost Balloon Sensory Bin Activity

glow in the dark ghost balloon sensory bin for kids


Sensory bins at home are so much fun! I really enjoy coming up with different sensory bins, specifically tailored to my child’s mood or for a specific season, like this one. 


This sensory bin is perfect for Halloween. It’s filled with spooky ghost balloons and lantern lights which just add the coolest effect and are just spooktacular! 


My girls had a wonderful time playing with the balloons and creating little ideas. 


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So simple to make and so much fun! 


I added a small green glow stick into each white balloon. Then, I blew each white balloon so they looked like little ghosts. 


I actually saw these at the dollar store and they already had the little black faces on them. But, you can totally DIY these with a black marker. 


Use the black marker to create a face on the white blown up balloon. Once you have completed the steps above add your ghost balloons into a bin.


You’re littles are ready to play! 

Because it was daytime, we went into a room and switched the lights off. I added these cute halloweenish looking lanterns that glowed orange to add to the holiday theme. So much fun!


It sure was a spooktacular! 


glow in the dark balloon sensory bin for kids


Different ways you can play with this Ghost Sensory Bin 


My girls are 3 and 5 and really enjoyed this bin. Please always supervise with small children. 


They just created a small ghost family with orange lantern friends and went to town thinking up little cool ideas for this little family and friends. 


If you have a 3 year old like I do, you can ask them what colors they see. They’ll probably say something like, “ I see green and orange”! 


Add a little educational twist to this sensory bin and ask, “How many ghost balloons are there?” 


For a more advanced approach you can add and subtract with the ghost balloons by adding or taking away ghost balloons and come up with an answer to how many are left. 


What other fun ways can you think of with this Spooky Ghost Sensory Bin? 

Will you give this Glow in the Dark Ghost Balloon Sensory Bin Activity a try? 

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glow in the dark ghost balloon sensory bin

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