70 + Fun Water Table Play Ideas for Kids + Best Water Tables

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water table play ideas for kids


Summer is upon us! 


I love summer, don’t you? 


Settling down, barbecuing in the backyard, and watching littles play while we all enjoy the sun! 


So much fun. 🙂


My oldest is 7 and my youngest is 4 right now. 


Both, just turned that age from 6 and 3!! 


It goes by so quickly. 


And, we definitely have been through our fair share of water tables, water toys, water sensory table ideas, table activities and water play for kids! 


So, in this post I want to talk about some water tables we’ve had the pleasure of using and have loved, some of the popular ones we have in our cart but haven’t purchased just yet and the ones my friends use and love!  


In addition, I’d like to also bring up some water table play ideas!


So, let’s get right into it, shall we? 





What do you put in a water table? 


Water tables are amazing! 


You definitely don’t need to include only water within it. 


Improvise with other bases. Here are some off the top of my head: 








  • Dirt 










  • Jello cubes





The list goes on and on.. 


Some manipulatives you can add to some of these bases within your toddler water table: 
















  • Natures fallen flowers or leaves





There are literally so many fun bases and manipulatives you can add into a water table that doesn’t involve only water! 🙂




What should be in a preschool water table? 


Preschoolers can have fun playing while learning! 


You can maybe work on the color red and only add red items within the water table. 


Some red items can be: 


  • Red squishy toys (crab, lobster, apple)

  • Red pom poms

  • Red spoons and scooping tools

  • Red fruits and vegetables


These are some ideas of how you can turn your preschoolers water table educational by adding only red items one day and learning about them while playing! 


Then, maybe the next day you can work on the color blue! 


You can also practice counting. 


Add in 10 of the same toy item or 10 pom poms. 


Then, scoop them up with a childrens scooper toy and a plastic bowl! 




What is the best water table? 


There are so many water tables. 


Here are some ideas:



Here are some of the best water tables: 



Best water table for 1 year old


Water table for 1 year old ideas we love (Supervision is required):



Gadgets Water Table


Low Pirate Ship Water Table


Pond Water Table


Low Water Table



Toddler water table ideas: 

Below are some toddler water tables we love! 



Water activity table for toddlers


Small water table for toddlers and best water table for 2 year old


Toddler water play table


Activity play tables toddlers



Preschool water table ideas: 


Water table ideas for 3 year old



Water table for 3 year old



Transparent water table for 3 year old




Children’s water table ideas: 

Here are some water activity table for kids ideas: 



Our favorite all around children’s sensory table (stand shown below and bin right under it; 2 pieces)


The bin that goes with the stand 





How do you make a water table? 


How to make a water table for toddler and for kids? 


We have not made a water table for toddlers and for kids before but there are many different ways you can diy a water table. 


How to make a water table:


You’ll need a bucket, pvc pipes and elbow joints for attachment. 


Depending on your bucket size, will allow you to know the exact measurements for your PVC table! 


Here are some DIY PVC tables others have made that may be helpful: 


  • PVC Pipe Sand and Water Table – Frugal Fun 4 Boys



  • Here is a PVC Pipe sprinkler and waterslide by Preschool Inspirations



Another fun DIY water table idea is to create one with wood.


Again, depending on the size of your bucket(s), will determine the size of the wood pieces you’ll need to get. 


Here is one DIY wooden water/sand table idea that may also be helpful if you choose this route: 


  • DIY Sand and Water Table – Jen Wood House





What do you fill a sensory table with? 


Much like water tables, sensory tables are somewhat the same but also very different. 


Water tables only include water as a base. 


Sensory tables can include water or any sensory material as a base. 


Some ideas for filling up a sensory table with are as follows: 


  • Crinkle paper

  • Water

  • Oobleck

  • Mud and/or dirt

  • Dyed beans, rice, pasta for sensory play

  • Water and soap

  • Foam soap


These are some sensory bases that will work well for a sensory table! 🙂


What can you put in a sand table instead of sand? 


Many different items and manipulatives can be put in a sand and water table instead of sand! 


Alternatives for sand in a sandbox can be:


  • Dirt

  • Mud

  • Rubber gravel

  • Dry foods

  • Kinetic sand




What are the benefits of water play? 


Water play, much like sensory play is loaded with benefits. 


It stimulates the senses and helps children learn, calm down and engage in their creativity and use their imagination. 


They are learning new ideas as they are playing with a sensory water table and exploring fun things to do in water.


To read about the benefits of sensory play and for over 100 sensory play ideas, check out this post! 


To check out more sensory table ideas, ideas for water play, sensory water table ideas and toys for water table play keep on reading.. 





Water play ideas for playing with a sensory water table


So, we’ve reached the part of the post where we talk about water activity table ideas your littles can try with their water tables! 


I am going to list some ideas below of kids activity table ideas, and water play ideas you can try in a water table by these categories: 


  • Toddler water table ideas

  • Sensory table activities toddlers

  • Water Table activities for preschoolers

  • Pre k sensory table ideas

  • Kids activity play table ideas

  • Rice sensory table ideas

  • Toys for water table 



Water Table Activities for Toddlers 


water table activities for toddlers



Here are toddler water play activities, toddler water play station ideas, toddler table activities, and all in all play table ideas for toddlers: 


Fishing for Letters – Active Littles


Bubble Foam Water Table – Busy Toddler


Water Table Kitchen – Happy Toddler Playtime


Construction Play Water Table – For the Love of Learning


Pom Pom Water Table – Happy Toddler Playtime 


Frozen Water Table – Teaching 2 and 3 year Olds


Dinosaur World Water Table – No Time for Flashcards


Fine Motor Water Activity – Playdough to Plato


Water play for Toddlers – Raising Dragons


Colored Scented Shaving Cream in Water Table – Simple Fun for Kids


Floating Rainbow Balls in Water Table – Simple Fun for Kids


Farm Animal Washing Station Water Table – Coffee Cups and Crayons


Reusable Ice Cubes, Sponges Water Table – Simply Sweet Days





Sensory Table Activities Toddlers 


sensory table activities for toddlers


Here are activity table ideas for 2 year olds:


Pom Pom Water Play – Active Littles


Beach sensory Play Water Table – Fantastic Fun and Learning


Apple Water Scoop – Days with Grey


Colored Ice – Fun A Day


Process Art Painting the Water Table – Simple Fun for Kids


Little Builders Water Table – Mom Always Finds Out 


Blowing Bubbles Sensory Play – Hello Wonderful 


Dinosaur Mud Play Water Table – Play Teach Repeat 


Swamp Sensory Tub – No Time for Flashcards


Water Activities for Toddlers – How We Montessori 


Color Water Sorting Bin – Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds 






Water Table Activities for Preschoolers


water table activities for preschoolers



Below are preschool water table activities:


Water Table Activities for Toddlers and for Preschoolers – Active Littles


Small World Water Table – Fantastic Fun and Learning


Ocean Sensory Table – Stir the Wonder


Dinosaur Small World Water Table – Fantastic Fun and Learning


Pouring Water Activity – Hands on as we Grow


Exploring in the Water Table – No Time for Flashcards 


Stamps in the water table – How Wee Learn 


Baking Soda Letters in the Water Table – Simple Fun for Kids


Alphabet Soup Sensory Bin – Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds


Experimenting with water beads – Happily Ever Mom


Sand and Water Table – Gryphon House


Preschool Water Activities – Normal Life Mom





Pre K Sensory Table Ideas 


pre k sensory table ideas for kids



Below are sensory activities for 3 4 year olds:


Bugs Preschool Sensory Bin – Active Littles


Frog Life Cycle Sensory Table – Coffee Cups and Crayons


Marshmallow Sensory Play – Fantastic Fun and Learning


Vegetable Soup Bath – Happy Toddler Playtime 


Rock Soup Sensory Activity – Happy Toddler Playtime


Simple Boats in the Water Table – Simple Fun for Kids


5 Little Ducks Sensory Play – Messy Little Monster 


Toy Wash – Happy Hooligans


Blooming Paper Flower Experiment – Active Littles


Rainbow Sensory Foam – Active Littles


Lima Beans Sensory Bin – Active Littles




Kids Outdoor Water Table Activity Play Ideas 


kids outdoor water table play ideas



Arctic Animals Land vs Ocean – Montessori from the Heart


Learning with Siphons in Water Table – How Wee Learn


Water Pollution Activity – Natural Beach Living


Water Table Experiment – Stir the Wonder


Fun Ocean Sensory Bin – Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds


Water Fun with Babies and Toddlers – The Educators Spin on It


Lego Water Play Idea – Make and Take 


Turtle Water Table – Craftulate


Sponges in the Water Table – Things to Share and Remember


Literacy Based Water Table Idea – The Kindergarten Connection


Spring Water Table – Simple Play Ideas


Small World Play with Polar Bears – Simple Play Ideas


Water Table Play Prop Ideas – Mess for Less




Rice Sensory Table Ideas


rice sensory table play ideas for kids


Rice Sensory Bin for Early Learning – Active Littles


Caps and Rice Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime


ABC Rice – Busy Toddler


My Little Pony Rice Sensory Play – My Small Potatoes


Popsicles and Play – Small World Rice Pond


Rice and Ice Sensory Activity – Learning 4 Kids


Tropical Fruits Sensory Rice – Fun Littles


Ocean Sensory Play – The Imagination Tree


Letter Magnets Rice Sensory Play – Thrift Smart


Digging Up Letters – Teach Preschool


Summer Camp Rice – Active Littles




Water Play Table Toys for Preschoolers and for Kids

Here are toy ideas for water table’s:


  • Water table toddler play toy ideas:



Water toy for Kids



Water toy boats 


Water toy letters and numbers



Water “On the Go” toys



  • Preschool water table toy ideas:


Water Animal Toys



Animal Toy Figurines



Water Fishing Toy



Water toy for Kids



Kinetic Sand



Pom Poms for Kids



Kids Beach Sand Toys





water table play ideas for kids

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