Fun Pumpkin Sensory Play DIY

diy pumpkin for sensory play


There have been so many fun Halloween inspired ideas I have been seeing this month of October! 


So many creative and innovative play ideas, spooky sensory bins and fun indoor/outdoor activities…


So much inspiration, I decided to create something epic for my girls!


A pumpkin sensory bag! But, not just a sensory bag by itself. I wanted it to be contained in some way. 


I used a cardboard cutout to create 2 squares of the same size, and I’ll tell you more about it below. 


pumpkin sensory activities at home


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And you’re good to go!


children activities for kids


How to put together:  Pumpkin Sensory DIY Part 1


Now, you don’t have to make a pumpkin like we did.


You can also try a spooky ghost or something as simple as a witches hat! 


What other fun ideas can you think of making with your cardboard cutouts? 


Here are the steps on how I put together our sensory play idea:


  • I cut 2 same sized cardboard cutouts using a craft knife (adult use only)pumpkin games for kids

  • Turn one of the cardboard cutouts upside down and draw out your creation! (I drew out a pumpkin to the best of my ability.)children activities for kids

  • Tip: the great thing about drawing it on the other side is you can get messy a bit with your drawing. So, if you make one side of your pumpkin a little high compared to the other one, its okay! It won’t be seen. 

  • Once your drawing is complete, use your craft knife to cut around the correct lines (if you got messy) of the pumpkin or whatever creation you made.

  • If you are using cardboard it wont go all the way through but it will make an indentation on the other side which is great! 

  • Turn it over to where the indentation is on the other side, and complete the cut out using your craft knife. 

  • Voila! 

diy halloween sensory bag


How to put together:  Pumpkin Sensory DIY Part 2


Now it is time to measure your sensory bag and use a sharpie marker to create a set of eyes, nose and mouth for your pumpkin! 


pumpkin sensory activity


Then, insert your water beads. We used clear so we can learn about color mixing with red and yellow.


pumpkin activity for children


But, feel free to use orange water beads or if you are using clear water beads, use an orange dye. 


sensory bag for kids


Close your bag tightly making sure no air is within the bag. 


halloween pumpkin sensory


Place your zip lock bag on the cardboard cutout that has not been cut. Use tape to secure the bag to the cardboard cutout. 


sensory bag for preschoolers

kindergarten sensory bag


Then, add your cardboard cutout with the pumpkin opening right on top.


kingergarten spooky sensory play


Use a hot glue gun around the inner edges of the cardboard cutouts to seal the deal. 


halloween sensory bag for preschoolers


You’ve made an epic DIY pumpkin sensory play recycled toy! 

sensory activity at home

sensory play diy halloween


Will you give this Fun Pumpkin Sensory Play DIY a try this October?


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diy pumpkin for sensory play


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