80+ Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids


Fun outdoor activities for kids



It is officially summer time and what better way than to include some of our favorite kids outdoor activities! 


I absolutely love summer. 


The trees are all lively and green, the flowers are blooming, the sun’s rays on my face. 


My kids enjoy water play, doodling on the sidewalk with chalk, and all around outside activities. 


It’s truly the very best and I’m here to help with some amazing ideas on outdoor kid activities you can try too! 


I’ve compiled a list of some of the very best outdoor activities for kids to bring on to those sunny days, warmer weather and all the fun! 


I’ll be sharing them below as follows: 


  • Outdoor Water and Ice Activities for Kids

  • Outdoor Art Activities for Kids

  • Outdoor Sensory Activities for Kids

  • Easy and Fun Outdoor Summer Activities for Toddlers

  • Fun Outdoor Summer Activities for Preschool

  • Fun Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids


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What can you do outside with kids? 



There are many different outdoor activities for kids you can try. 


I’ll be sharing below a list of over 70 ideas all in different categories that you can try for fun outside activities for kids!




What are examples of outdoor activities? 


Some examples of fun outdoor activities for kids can be: 



These are just some examples of outside fun activities and outdoor activities for children to try that are simple and easy to set up. 





How do you make a backyard fun for kids? 


It doesn’t have to take much to make a backyard fun for kids! 


Kids naturally explore and use their imagination and creativity to come up with play ideas with a stick and some dirt. 


Fallen leaves and flowers, and nature’s treasures can be just enough for children in the backyard. 


Alongside this natural fun kids have I’ll be sharing outdoor kids activities you can also try to spruce imagination and creativity such as water table ideas, water play, outdoor sensory bins, outdoor art, outdoor fun activities and more! 🙂




How do I entertain my toddler outside? 


Toddlers can be entertained quite easily. 


You can set up a fun paper roll on the floor in the backyard with a spray bottle filled with chalk and a bit of water for a fun outdoor activities kids can try! 


Then, your toddler can spray colored chalk onto the paper. 


Easy peasy idea, right? 


I’ll be sharing more below! And, I can’t wait for you to try some of these out. 





What are examples of outdoor activities? 


Outdoors activities can be as simple as a stick with a leaf on the end of it and your LO claiming it is a wand. 🙂 


Here are some other fun ideas: 


  • Outdoor Fizzy Colors Sensory Bin

  • Creating a DIY water funnel

  • Dirt Sensory Bin

  • Ice Play

  • Outdoor Pom Pom Sensory Bin

  • Preschool outdoor activities for summer that instill early learning


These are just some ideas for fun activities outdoors and outside fun for kids to try out this summer! 




What can kids do on a sunny day? 


Fun outdoor activities for kids can look like these: 



So, many fun outdoor ideas for kids!




How can I have fun outside? 


If you are looking for outdoor fun with the kids and summer outdoor activities, definitely check out the post below which talks about over 80 summer activities for kids. 


It also includes a summer bucket list free printable that allows for you to chekmark the outdoor activity ideas you have tried! 


Have fun!


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Outdoor kids activities


So, we have reached the outdoor activity list! 


Fun activities for outside, YAY! 


Seriously though, hot summer days call for outdoor summer fun and I am all for it! 


I am so excited to share these awesome and fun activities for kids outdoors ideas. 


Let’s get into the outdoors activities list …


This list of outdoor activities is filled with awesome bloggers ideas!


Click through to check their fun kids outdoor activities out! 😀 


These are also great ideas for outdoor activities for kids during quarantine. 


I hope these are super duper helpful. 


Let’s get into them…




outdoor ice and water activities for kids



Outdoor Water and Ice Activities for Kids 


Outdoor Fun Activities for Kids


Hose down shapes – No Time for Flashcards 


Frozen Castles for Melting – Little Bins for Little Hands


Outdoor Dishwashing Station – Mama Papa Bubba


Sensory Soup with Ice and Pool Noodles – Simple Fun for Kids


Water Beads and Shaving Cream in the Play Pool – Simple Fun for Kids


Outdoor Activity Ideas


Spray Bottle Water Drawing – Happy Toddler Playtime


Water Balloon Games – Artsy Momma


Painting Sidewalk Chalk with Water – Mama Papa Bubba


Ice Bowling – Learn Play Imagine


Lemon Water Play Activity – Fantastic Fun and Learning


Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids


Shape Find and Sort Water Play Activity – Fantastic Fun and Learning


Outdoor Star and Window Stickers – Coffee Cups and Crayons


Paint Dyed Water – Busy Toddler



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outdoor art activities for kids



Outdoor Art Activities for Kids


Outdoor things for Kids that involve a bit of art 


Easy Summer Window Art – Active Littles


Outdoor Process Art – Buggy and Buddy


Poured Paint Pots – Happily Ever Mom


Color Matching with Painted Stones – Learn Play Imagine


Playhouse Painting – No Time for Flashcards


Sidewalk Chalk Art – B-Inspired Mama


Spray Chalk – Make and Takes


Fun Activities for Kids Outside


Outdoor Nature Prints for Kids – How Wee Learn


Pour Painting – Messy Little Monster


Driveway Shape Maze – Creative Family Fun


Outdoor Color Station – Mess for Less


Nature Paint Brushes – Messy Little Monster


Leaf Threading Fine Motor Activity – Kids Craft Room


Balloon Splatter Painting – Hello Wonderful 


Water Shooter Outdoor Tie Dye Fun – Fantastic Fun and Learning



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outdoor sensory activities for kids



Outdoor Sensory Activities for Kids 


List of outdoor activities that involve sensory play 


Outdoor Garden Sensory Bin – Active Littles


Summer Camp Sensory Rice – Active Littles


Water Bead Mashup – Engaging Littles


Bird Sensory Bin – Fireflies and Mudpies


Outdoor Sound Wall Music Station – Fun at Home with Kids


Nature Sensory Bottle – The Chaos and the Clutter


Kids Activities Outdoors


Mud Pie Messy Playdate – B-Inspired Mama


Clean the Cars – Busy Toddler


Outdoor Sensory Play – Happy Hooligans


Dirt Sensory Bin – Life with Moore Babies


Bug Sensory Bin – The Best Ideas for Kids


Outdoor Oobleck Sensory Activity – Busy Toddler


Pool Noodle Pour – Raising Dragons



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easy and fun summer outdoor activities for kids



Easy and Fun Summer Outdoor Activities for Toddlers 


Outdoor Activities Toddlers


Window Race Track – Happily Ever Mom


Fizzy Foaming Car Wash – Fun at Home with Kids


Build your own Sprinkler – Housing a Forest 


Toddlers Outdoor Activities


Color Sort and Hunt – Toddler Approved


Outdoor Slider Counting – I can Teach my Child


Outdoor Activities for Toddlers


Outdoor Alphabet Match – I can Teach my Child


Loose Parts Play Outdoors – Fantastic Fun and Learning


Outdoor Activities with Toddlers


Painting with Water – Happy Hooligans


Giant Number Line – Raising Dragons


Fun Outdoor Activities for Toddlers


Outdoor Sticky Mural – I can Teach my Child 


Sand and Water Table Ocean Sensory Bin – Active Littles



fun outdoor summer activities for preschool



Fun Outdoor Summer Activities for Preschool 


Outside Activities for Preschool


Water Table Activities – Active Littles


Scooter Bowling – Play Teach Repeat 


Ball Toss – Learn Play Imagine


Human Sundial Experiment – Rhythms of Play


Science Volcano Eruption – Montessori from the Heart


Squirt Gun Painting – Fireflies and Mudpies


Outdoor Activities for 3-5 year olds


Frisbee Tic Tac Toe – A Turtles Life for Me


Rainbow Flower Threading Board – Little Pine Learners


Color Hunt – Raising Dragons


Alphabet Stone Activity – Little Pine Learners 


Water Obstacle Course – Meaningful Mama


Number Splash Math Game – Coffee Cups and Crayons


Children’s Outdoor Activities


Scented Lavender Bubbles – The Chaos and the Clutter


Outdoor Tracing Activity for Preschooler – Artsy Momma


Outdoor Number Activities – Fun a Day 


Outdoor Writing Activities for Preschool – Laly mom


DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint for Kids – Make and Takes




fun outdoor summer activities for kids



Fun Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids 


Outdoor Activities for 5 year olds


Active Learning Obstacle – Buggy and Buddy


Engineering with Mud Bricks – Play Teach Repeat 


Hoola Hoop Lasso – Raising Dragons


DIY Water Wall for Summer – Little Bins for Little Hands


Outdoor Activities with Kids


Water Bead Outdoor Races – Days with Grey


Sidewalk Chalk and Water Painting – Happy Hooligans


Outdoor Tracks – Days with Grey


Simple Mud Kitchen – Messy Little Monster


Outdoor Games for Kids 


How to Setup an Outdoor Movie Night for Kids – Hello Wonderful


DIY Sidewalk Chalk – Red Ted Art


Sidewalk Chalk Clock Game – Creative Family Fun


Backyard Obstacle Course for Kids – Happy Toddler Playtime


Pom Pom Toss Game – 3 Dinosaurs



I hope you enjoyed these kid activities for summer and that you try some of them out too! 


Do you happen to know of any tried and true, fun outdoor kid activities? 


I’d love to learn about your activities for kids outdoors so maybe we can try them out too!


fun outdoor activities for toddlers and for kids

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