Fun Gross Motor Indoor Activities for Kids

gross motor indoor activities for kids


We went to the craft store not too long ago. I stocked up on our favorite colorful tape. 


Multi-color tape is great for some fun indoor activities such as DIY projects, recycled diy toys, or for some epic gross motor play (like we did). 


It’s also wonderful to use in learning colors. My preschooler loves when I incorporate colorful tape to some of the activities I create for her. 


It can also be used for counting or creating shapes. I’ll definitely be adding a fun post on how to create a fun shape activity using tape soon. 

Don’t forget to check out DIY Learning Activities Box for Kids for some more ideas on early learning. 


Gross Motor Indoor Activity Supply List


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That’s it!


Create a grid on the floor with your tape. I created a 4×5 grid. 

gross motor


Once your grid is ready to go, you can leave it as is. Or, you can step it up a notch and include some fun manipulatives for a learning experience.


Baby Motor Skills

This activity does not have to be laid out in grid form on the floor. You can also try adding tape to an area that is higher (like a wall) and that you’re okay with sticking the tape to.


Create a black and white pattern to use for some high contrast learning fun. Babies can watch the different colors that are stuck to the wall or floor. 


Tummy time is also a great way for babies to enjoy the bright colors if you decide to make a grid on the floor.


gross motor activities


Make sure the tape is stuck to the floor or wall evenly. Supervision is required. 

If your baby is in the beginning stages of crawling, the grid on the floor is fun as they crawl past each color. 


Toddler Gross Motor Activities

Laying out a taped grid on the floor can be so much fun for your toddlers. Most toddlers are jumping and if not they are in the process of learning how to jump. 


This allows for some indoor gross motor toddler fun. They’ll surely think they are in an indoor playground!


You can add a fun learning experience by calling out each color. Create a tune for each color so they jump and sing along!

gross motor skills

What other fun gross motor play activities can you come up with using the grid? I’d love to learn so we can try it!


Preschool Gross Motor Activities

Most kids will just love to jump around and hop-skotch on the grid. This is great and allows for some loading of the dishwasher or laundry folding on your part. 


If you’d like to step it up a notch, you can add a fun and engaging learning experience for your preschooler. 


Preschoolers are learning about colors, shapes, basic numbers and the alphabet. 

kids indoor playground

Your child can count as they jump on each of the squares within the grid. 1-5 is a good starting point. 


Instead of forming a grid, you can use the tape to create shapes on the floor. Your child can then match certain toys that are shaped in circular or triangular shapes for matching. 


Back to the grid, you can also try making a grid with 30 squares (The alphabet has 26 letters). This allows for them to jump on the squares and sing the ABC’s. How fun!


Kindergarten Gross Motor Activities

My kindergartener practiced her addition/subtraction by hopping on each of the squares. Perfect gross motor practice while learning and having fun! 


I would show her a flashcard and she would hop the first number and either add the second number or deduct the second number by hopping those squares. 

preschool learning activities


This is a fun way to bring about learning how to add and subtract. You can also add manipulatives such as erasers like we did! 


Practice skip counting by hopping on every other square on the grid. 


Number Activities for Kids

The activities mentioned above are all a wonderful way to learn about numbers and colors. What other fun number activities can you come up with? 


indoor activities for kids


Here are some other fun gross motor ideas: 

  • For more advanced children, you can practice multiplication by adding the squares on opposite ends of each side of the grid. 

  • For toddlers, hop and count to practice numbers. 

  • Add some fun flashcards, magnet numbers, or foam numbers to within each square on the grid to show how the numbers look laid out.

  • Create a 10×10 grid, for easy visual learning of counting from 1-100. 


Kids Indoor Playground

If you decide to just create a grid without the learning experience, that’s awesome! Kids will still benefit in other ways (fine and gross motor skill) while having fun! 


And, it’s a perfect indoor activity for kids on a rainy day. Bring the children indoor playground to your home by creating this! 


Will you give this Fun Gross Motor Indoor Activity a try?

Pin it for later? 

gross motor indoor activities for kids

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