Frog Theme Preschool Counting and Name Match Activity


frog theme counting and name activity



Are you looking for an easy name activity – frog themed? 


What about a fun and easy one that not only is a name activity but it also includes a fun which comes next counting activity!


I know I love multi-purpose activities and I am sure you do too! 


So, here is a simple DIY learning activity board that we love using for creating easy activities for toddlers and preschoolers. 


I’ll be sharing below how I made this easy DIY frog preschool craft activity using a couple of household items. 


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Frog activities for kids


This preschool frog activity was rather simple to put together. 


Here are the steps I took to create this easy preschool frog craft: 


  • Draw a fun frog theme for preschool activity on a Poster Board (we chose a name pond theme preschool activity and a spring flower counting activity.)

  • Then, add dot stickers so your preschooler learns to count them and match the correct number and post it onto the poster board.

  • You can always improvise with the alphabet and shapes. We just happen to practice counting and my LO’s name this time around.) 🙂 

  • If you’d like to use pom poms for matching instead of post it notes, that works amazing too! 


The wonderful thing about a poster board is that you can tailor the fun frog games to whatever your preschooler is working on at that moment in time. 




Pond Crafts for Preschoolers


In our post board, I made the pond with LO’s name right on top. 


I made sure to cut green post it notes into lily pads so my LO can match them onto the letters and learn her name in a fun way! 


The lily pads looked really cool right on top of the frog pond! 


Then, she took her frog toy figurines and added them to the pond and the letter lily pads. 


You can count them as they add the frogs to the lily pads or practice the letter they add their frog to. 


How cool is that?! 🙂 


These are some fun and easy educational frog activities you can try and are so much fun! 


If you decide to improvise your poster board, share with me what you tried for a fun frog activity for preschool! 🙂 




Frog Match Activities for Preschool


Some other fun frog themed classroom ideas you can try to incorporate a frog theme and frog activities are: 


  • Practicing shapes

  • Alphabet frog letter hop

  • Preschool frog activities using lily pads

  • Preschool frog games using a sensory bag

  • Frog crafts for preschoolers

  • Life cycle of a frog activities for preschool

  • Frog printables preschool

  • Frog lesson plans for preschool


What other fun frogs for preschoolers ideas can you think of or have you tried with your preschoolers? 


Share below your Preschool frog theme ideas so we can maybe try them out too! 😀



frog theme counting and name activity

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