Free Activities Printables for Kids

Free Learning Activities Printables for Preschoolers

My kids love games and this color matching printable was a huge hit! This activity was more for my soon to be preschooler but my kindergartener enjoyed the fine motor practice of inserting the pom pom through the hole!

math activities printables

I have created a couple different versions of this awesome activity to meet your preschoolers learning needs. Some of these effective play-based learning ideas include counting (1-20) and addition/subtraction (for when they get a little older).

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Learning Activities Printable free

Learning is Fun when it involves Play

Effective fun with learning is always a hit! It can be something as simple as a rice sensory bin to a cool game created using a box and a printable – like this one!

math activities for kids

My youngest is getting her color practice in while saying aloud the colors and seeing the wording of the colors as she inserts the pom poms. My oldest is practicing her fine motor and helping her younger sister out.


Learn about Numbers 1-20 – Math for Preschool

This printable includes numbers 1-20. It can be used in so many ways. You can use a cup to number match. You can also use beads to learn numbers by counting. What other learning with numbers activities can you think of while using these?

Preschool Match Activities Numbers


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Printable Early Learning Activities 2

1. This set of color matching activities is a fun one! It includes the basic colors with the addition of pink, brown and black. I have included 3 editions as seen below. One of these editions is in the video you see in this post!

Printable Preschool Activities

2. Learning with numbers 1-20 is so epic! These activities are versatile and can be used in so many different ways. One way we love is using cups with a dot sticker at the bottom of the cup. Then, match the dot stickered cup to the correct numbered circle on the printable. Preschool math activities made fun!

Preschool Match Activities Numbers

3. Basic Addition and Subtraction is also included in this printable. This is mainly for kindergarteners. You can save it and print it for later as your child gets older and use it then. The play idea is the same with using cups. You can add the correct dot stickered answer on the outer bottom of the cup. Your child will match addition/subtraction problem with the correct dot stickered number on the bottom of the cup. Hope you enjoy!

Math Activities for Preschool

Math for Preschool and Color Matching

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Preschool Learning Activities Free Printables for Kids

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