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  • Download the FREE printable (at the very bottom of this post)

  • Manipulatives such as pom poms, squishy toys for matching

  • A recycled box like we used to add the sheet on top of 🙂


There are so many fun ways you can go about trying and improvising a fun activity out with this free printable. 




Early learning printables


Another fun way we like to use these are by cutting each of the color printables circles. 


Then, insert them into a muffin tin


Set aside a bowl of colorful pom poms that match to the colors of the circles you will be using and match away! 


Learn colors in a fun way!  



Free Printable Toddler Worksheets Video below



Fine motor activities for Toddlers


In the example, I used a recycled box to add one of the color sheets to the very top of the box. 


I then created holes within each colored circle so that my little can insert the pom poms to match the correct color. 


This is a great way for toddlers to practice learning their colors while receiving the benfits of fine motor skills. 


Note: To learn more about fine motor benefits and some other fun activities that incorporate fine motor skills, check out this post


Here are the steps I took to create this learning box for kids: 


  • Tape your recycled box on all sides. 

  • Then, tape your printable sheet on the top of the box. 

  • Use a craft knife (adult only) to create holes on each of the circles on your printable sheet making sure the box is being cut as well so that the pom poms can go through the box too.

  • Once you have created holes on each of the colored circles and through the box, you are ready to play and learn. 

  • Use pom poms for matching by inserting them to its corresponding color. 




Color printable worksheets


This set comes with a set of color printables that contain both text and non text. 


A fun way to learn the color printables for colors sheets is to practice writing the color names on a sheet of paper. 


This is a more advanced approach and will allow for your little not only to learn by seeing the colors. 


They will learn the color words by writing them also. 


This is great for kindergarteners who are learning how to read and write basic words. 


Note: If you are looking for a Kindergarten Busy Book that contains the basics of how I taught my oldest to read along with math and other fun learning activities, check out our K Busy Book! 




Math printable worksheets


Not only does this set of free printables for kids come with colors but it also comes with math worksheets! 


The math worksheets come as follows: 

  • A set of numbers for matching

  • An addition sheet

  • A subtraction sheet




Math printable games


You can add these number printouts to a muffin tin as mentioned above and practice counting with pom poms. 

Some of the math worksheets contain addition and subtraction. 


You can also use pom poms to add and subtract with these math printables! 


How cool is that 🙂


Learning through play I tell ya! It’s the very best. 




ABC and words


Practice CVC words by using letter magnets and creating a word on the circles. 


Some words you can practice are words that contain three letters. 


Here are some examples: 


  • CAT

  • DOG

  • RAT

  • HAT

  • BAG

  • CAN

  • RAN

  • BOB

  • MOP

  • HOT

  • BAT

  • FUN


These are just some of the ways you can practice sounding out letters as a more advanced approach and in turn practicing vowels (the middle letter) for kindergarteners. 


The COOLEST thing about these preschool worksheets is that something so simple can be used in so many ways for a differentiated set of ages. 




Cut and paste worksheets


Does your LO love cutting and pasting? 


You can also use these printable kids activities sheets as a fun cutting activity! 


Here are our favorite kid friendly scissors. 


Cut the circles and paste them with elmers glue onto a sheet of paper. 


As you paste them onto the paper, call out the colors!


early learning free printable for kids

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