Counting Number Mats 1-20 Printable


Counting Mats 1-20 Seasons Free Printable



If you are looking for a fun play to learn printable that teaches about counting from numbers 1-20, this is your printable! 


It’s basic, clean and right to the point. 


I’ve included a colorful version and a b&w version for your printing needs. 


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How to set up your free printable…


I love that these can be used in a differentiated set of ways for a differentiated set of ages. 


Once you have downloaded your printable, you can choose to use the printable as is! 


This works well if you’d like to use small stickers to fill up the spaces for some counting fun! 


You can also insert the printable into a Dry Erase Pocket. This is great if you are going on vacation or somewhere on the go (ex: a restaurant). 


Use a dry erase marker to add in small dots and count! 


Using dry erase pockets with a set of dry erase markers is a wonderful way to maintain your printable sheets. 



Fun Play to Learn Ideas using this printable for Preschool … 


If you are printing these for your preschooler, here are some fun ways you can use these: 

  • Add the 1-9-20 sheet to a box and create tiny holes that allow pom poms to fit through. Count and drop a pom pom into the box while using the sheet as the catalyst and for direction. 

  •  Use the 1-9-20 sheet with a drop of finger paint on your preschooler index finger. They’ll stamp and count on the corresponding box. 

  • You can also use the sheet with no numbers on it to create your own set of numbers. 

For instance, maybe your preschooler is only working on numbers 1-5. Or, maybe you can add a number in the first box and they will dot the rest with the correct amount! 

  • Practice Fine motor skills by using the sheet with no numbers for some cutting practice. 

  • Print double of this printable and cut the number boxes to create a fun number matching game! 🙂


What other fun ways can you think of using these with your preschooler



Fun Play to Learn Ideas using this printable for Kindergarten … 


For Kindergarteners, you can try all the same steps I mentioned for preschoolers but instead you can additionally use all of the sheets from 1-20 including the one with no numbers to add in higher numbers! 



Here are some fun ways you can use these with your kindergartener:


  • Use a bit of paint on your kindergarteners finger to skip count by 2’s (or 5’s). They’ll mark one dot on every other square! 

  • Use small stickers to stick to the corresponding number square. 

  • You can also try adding in more advanced numbers on the grid with no numbers!

  • Place the sheet on a box, tape it and create holes within each square. Your child can add pom poms into the corresponding numbers. Example: They can add 10 pom poms into the number 10 square on the sheet. It will go into the box with the holes you created prior. 

  • Practice addition and subtraction with these sheets! Example: Add one pom pom to each square that equals to 5. Then take away 2 pom poms. How many are left? 




What other fun ways can you think of using these with your kindergartener? 






***If you like this free printable, this is actually part of an even larger printable that incorporates the different seasons! 


Depending on whatever season you are in at the moment, you can use the version that corresponds with that specific month! 


For example, if it’s the month of December, you may enjoy using the December placemat for teaching about counting! 



You can find it here

Counting Placemats + Seasons Printable - Active Littles




Will you give this Counting Number Mats 1-20 Printable a try?


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Counting Mats 1-20 Seasons Free Printable

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