Fine Motor Zipper Activity Board for Preschool


fine motor zipper activity board for preschool



Fine motor activities are awesome and come with great benefits. 


You can create a fine motor activity at home in a fun way with home items!


Here are some examples: 



And so much more.. 


This time around I created a zipper board for my girls. 


I will be delving into all that it took to make this easy kids activity board, the items I used and the fun educational games that my girls were able to play and learn with. 



Note: Looking for a fun gross motor activity you can try indoors? This one was loads of fun and allowed for exercising games indoors! 





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How simple is that?


These are the items needed to create this simple DIY busy board. 




How I put together this simple DIY Fine Motor Skills Busy Board


I put together this busy board with zippers and a hot glue gun.


Here are the steps I took to put this fine motor busy board together: 


  • First, lay out your foam board on the table. 

  • Then, use a hot glue gun to add your zipper strips. 

  • I chose to add them in rainbow color order. 

  • Use a hot glue gun to have them stick onto the board making sure the glue doesn’t touch near the zipper. 

  • Once it is fully dry, zip the zippers up and down. 🙂

  • Add cotton balls (as the clouds) and when adding them make sure they are for counting. 


And, there you have it! 


A simple fine motor zipper busy board




Educational fine motor activities with zippers



How did I turn this busy board educational?


It had different colored zippers that can be used on a foam board. 


The different colors allowed for a fun learning colors game.


We talked about the color red and orange and so on. 


You can also talk about color mixing. 


Most of the colors in between the colors are the colors that show up due to their neighbor colors mixing together. 


For example: red and yellow would make the color in between them – orange. 



Each of the zippers were in different sizes which offered a great learning opportunity for a big – medium – small activity. 


You can ask your littles a question such as, “Which is the biggest of the zippers?” or “Which is the smallest of the zippers?”


The zippers can also be counted for a fun counting game


The cotton balls were added in as clouds surrounding the rainbow. 


I turned it educational by adding a set of clouds that summed up to 5. 


For example, there was one cotton ball in one area and then two cotton balls in another area… 


This allowed for my little one to feel the cotton balls (textured play to learn activity) and to count them as well! 


What other fun ways can you think of turning this fine motor busy board educational?


fine motor zipper activity board for preschool

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