Fine Motor Skills Activities using an empty Cheese Container and Toothpicks


fine motor skills color sorting activities with an empty cheese container


Simple and easy activities that are homemade are our jam! 


This one is so easy that it surprised me! 


If you are looking into teaching your little about colors, this is a fun way to do it! 


Color sorting activities are always a fun one in our home and this is a fun way to do just that with an empty grated cheese container!


I’ll share below how easy it was to put this simple activity together and how we went about learning with it! 


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These are all of the items you will need for this simple fine motor color sorting activity for kids. 



Color Sorting Activity using an empty Cheese Container Video Below: 



How to set up your Color Matching Sorting Activity 


Here are the steps I took to set up this simple sorting activity for my LO: 

  • Draw different colors on the dot stickers. 

  • Then, draw those same colors on toothpicks (for easy matching.)

  • Attach the dot stickers onto the holes of the empty cheese container.

  • You are ready to color sort using the toothpicks and the empty cheese container. 

  • Insert a red colored toothpick into the red dot sticker hole on the empty cheese container.

  • Insert a green colored toothpick into a green dot sticker hole on the empty cheese container.

  • And so on and so forth! 


Say the color names out loud as you color sort them! 


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fine motor skills color sorting activity



Sorting activities for preschoolers 


..toddlers and for kids! 


Using a toothpick fine motor skills activity like allows for the benefits of fine motor skills. 


Another benefit of this activity is hand and eye coordination. 


When your little is learning to insert a green toothpick into a green hole in the container it will allow for hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills while learning about colors and while having fun! 


Whew, that was a tongue twister! 


You see, littles gain skills and benefits while learning through play! 


If you are worried about the point in the toothpick you can cut off the tips on each end of the toothpicks or use non pointy toothpicks. 


Overall, this is a great activity for learning about colors! 


If you happen to be in a school setting or even if you are homeschooling, this preschool hands on activities list of fine motor play activities can be very helpful: 



And so much more! 


You can also do a simple ‘search’ on my site and type in, ‘fine motor’ for more! 


Can you think of any other fun things to do with toothpicks and an empty cheese container for early learning?


fine motor skills color sorting activity

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