Scissor Cutting Fine Motor Activity for Kids


Scissor Cutting Fine Motor Activity for Kids



This is one of those activities that is so beneficial for littles – its great! 


Scissor practice is something my 3 year old LOVES doing! 


Not kidding. 


She will grab a piece of paper – any paper she sees – and cut!


Are you running into this same thing, mama?


I have a solution! 


Because I no longer want my important papers being cut or my printer paper running out! 


And, I know you don’t either! 🙂


I’ll share my solution with you within this post, so make sure to keep reading below! 


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That’s really all there is to it! 



Fun Fine Motor Paper activities


Have you ever wondered how you can set up a fun scissor cutting activity for your little ones? 


I’ve got a fun DIY you can probably try at home – right now!


Super easy and so much fun! 


This activity only requires construction paper and scissors


Create lines and fun images within them for your children to practice their scissor cutting skills! 



How to set up this fine motor activity within your child’s play area


Cut your construction paper into squares or shapes. 


I chose squares this time around. 


Then, I colored lines, zig zags and even a tree so my children can learn to practice cutting within the lines.


What are the benefits of this fine motor activity: 


  • Hand/eye coordination

  • Pre Handwriting skills

  • Pincer Grasp skills

  • Hand muscle coordination

  • Boost of self confidence


Plus, so many more benefits. These are just a few off the top of my head. 


Let’s get back to this activity. 


So, I add them into a little bin my 3 year old can take and use whenever she feels like cutting or I just set them out on the table like I did here. 


My girls were ecstatic to cut on these colorful papers filled with lines. 


I would be too! 


It was fun and this is a wonderful way to get your little ones to not use your printer paper! 🙂



What are fine motor activities for preschoolers?


Here are some ideas:



What other fun ways can you think of incorporating fine motor activities for preschool?


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Scissor Cutting Fine Motor Activity for Kids


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