Faux Snow Moon Sand Sensory Bin DIY


Faux Snow Sensory bin



Faux snow made (moon sand) is so much fun for the holidays! 


Especially if you don’t live anywhere near snow and want to add in a bit of faux snow sensory play for the holidays. 


And, on the contrary, it’s also great if you live near snow. 


Maybe it’s too cold to go outside.


So, bring in a fun faux snow activity indoors for some indoor fun


This one is so easy to make, it requires only 2 ingredients. 


“Only two ingredients, Tam?”


Your kidding. 


Nope! I wouldn’t kid ever. It’s not in me to kid. 


I’ve got you, mama! 


This is a fun one! And! You already probably have these 2 ingredients in your home – right now! 


If you’d like to learn more about how we made this moon sand as an indoor fun activity for my girls, I’ll share it all with you below. 


If you are looking for toy gift ideas this holiday season, I’ve compiled a list for 1 year olds, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. Just tap on the one’s you are interested in and you will be on your way! 




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Perfect and fun winter sensory play for kids!



What is Faux Snow? 


Faux snow is snow that is not real snow.

It is “fake” snow. It can usually be made from a product called, “Instant amazing snow” or you can make it yourself with 2 simple ingredients:

baking soda and hair conditioner



How do you make fake snow with conditioner?


How to make Fake Snow Step by Step.. 

Fake snow can be made with conditioner, and here are the steps:


  • Add 4.5 cups of baking soda (roughly 2 boxes) into a bin

  • Then, add about ¾ cup of hair conditioner (preferably white conditioner) to your bin

  • Mix it up by using your hands. 

  • And, that’s all there is to it! 



What can I use as fake snow?


You can try the method mentioned above or there is also another fun method which is taste safe. It includes: 



This is a wonderful method that is taste safe and it is a great alternative to the recipe mentioned above. 


How do you make fake snow with shaving cream?


Shaving cream is another fun alternative to creating faux snow. 


Here’s how you can go about making faux snow with shaving cream:


  • 2 cups of shaving cream

  • 2 cups of baking soda 

  • Adding in a tiny bit of water until both take on a faux snow like texture. 



Here are some more fun winter ideas we have been enjoying indoors this holiday season..




Fun ideas you can go about playing with your faux snow..


Add in a couple cookie cutters, scoop and pour tools, and mini erasers like we did for some fun faux snow sensory play


Miss 3 and 6 really enjoyed scooping and pouring the snow and pretending the holiday erasers were people within their imaginary snow bin! 🙂


So cute! 


Have you ever tried making faux snow? Which way have you tried making faux snow (moon sand) out of the three recipes mentioned above?



Will you give this Christmas Moon sand Recipe a try?

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Faux Snow Sensory bin


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