Father’s Day Tape Resist Craft for Kids


fathers day crafts for toddlers



We made a very similar craft as a gift for Mothers Day!


It is so much fun, includes a bit of fine motor play and is a wonderful keepsake for a loved one! 


In this case, for Father’s day! 🙂 


I’ll share with you below how easy it was to make this Father’s day ideas gift that dad will treasure forever and ever! 


It’s a tape resist activity and tape resist activities are just so, so much fun for littles! 


Related: Here is the similar tape resist activity we made for Mother’s Day that was so much fun! 





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And, this is all you will need to make this epic Father’s day card for dad on Father’s Day! 



fathers day tape resist craft for kids



Good fathers day gifts


What to make for fathers day?


There are a ton of DIY gift ideas for dad! 


Just a quick search, “Father’s day Ideas for kids” will load up a ton of amazing ideas. 


I’m here to show you this one which is easy peasy. 


Here are the details of how I made this simple Father’s Day tape resist craft/activity for kids: 


  • Use Masking tape to create letters and words onto cardstock paper. 

  • I used two cardstock paper attached in the back with tape for more space and for easier folding into a DIY Father’s Day card. 

  • Then, get creative! 

  • Use dot markers or markers to create a simple and easy Father Day Gift for dad! 

  • Once the drawing is complete, have your littles remove the tape for a fun fine motor activity! 

  • My girls love removing the tape and it’s easy because it’s masking tape! 

  • Voila! You’ve presents to make for dad on Father’s Day with this simple Tape Resist Activity! 




You can also incorporate a bit of paint or markers into the mix instead of dot markers. 


My youngest enjoyed dotting around and filling in the letter holes and my oldest enjoyed creating a rainbow with it. 


For our Mothers Day Tape Resist Activity we used some foam shapes to color around and create a shape when it was finished too which was awesome! 


There are so many fun ways you can go about it! 




Father’s Day Presents from babies


These are great for a differentiated set of ages. 


Both my 4 and 7 year old enjoyed making these for dad. 


But, what about babies? 


Can they try this out too? 


They can with a bit of help! 


Babies love putting things in their mouth. 


So, with supervision and help from a parent you can direct them to painting with the dot markers or a DIY baby paint. 


This simple Father’s day gift for baby is very fun and can be made as one of many quick gifts for dad. 


Do you know of any cool Father’s Day Ideas you can try with your littles? 


If you know of any fun, creative and quick father’s day gifts for dad, definitely leave a comment below. 


Maybe we can try it out too! 🙂


fathers day tape resist craft

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