Fall Apple Counting Mats Printable


Apple Counting Mats Printable



Counting printables are wonderful little tools for early learning. 


This specific one is themed for fall and has a lot of apples within it! 🙂


One way we like to use these are with apple erasers, red pom poms…


I’ll share with you some other ideas below you can try as well! 


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How to put your Fall Apple Counting Placemats printable together: 


Once you have downloaded and printed out your printable, you can choose to use them as is. 


I like to insert them in dry erase pockets, so we can take on the go or reuse over and over again. 


You can also choose to laminate them. 


Whichever way you find the most useful and best for you is a great idea!


How to use your Fall Apple Counting Placemats printable: 


I usually insert our placemat printables within a dry erase pocket


This allows for my preschooler to count using a dry erase marker and reuse them over and over again. 


I also will provide her with some manipulatives such as pom poms or apple erasers so she can add them onto the correct numbered square. 


These specific placemats will also work great for cutting the pieces on each page, setting them on the table and matching. 


Example: Match the number 1 to the image with 1 apple in it. 


This works as a great visual and allows for your little learner to see it! 


What other fun ways can you think of using this apple placemats printable?



Will you give this Fall Apple Counting Mats Printable for Preschool and Kindergarten a try?



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Apple Counting Mats Printable



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