Easy Toilet Paper Roll Activity for Kids


easy toilet paper activity for kids



Save those paper rolls! 


Paper roll activities are fun and can be used in so many ways. 


You can paint the paper rolls and create an epic color game activity. 


Try a fun addition and subtraction game using pom poms for a fun addition/subtraction game. 


So, many fun ways to go about using paper rolls for a fun kids activity


This time around we made a really easy peasy one and included only 3 items: paper rolls, painters tape and wool balls (pom poms). 


I’ll be sharing toilet paper roll activities for toddlers, exactly what we used, how my children played with this setup and other fun ways you can go about using this fun invitation to play! 🙂 



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What can you make out of a toilet paper roll? 


So many different things! 


You can make crafts, learning activities, a fun engineered toy.. 


This time around I decided to make it easy enough for a toddler. 


But, I also made it educational for my preschooler to learn more about her colors!




What can children make with toilet paper rolls? 


Toilet paper rolls can be used in so many ways. Here are a few toilet paper activities you can try at home or in a school setting: 


  • Toilet Paper Crafts themed for the specific time of year

  • Counting games with toilet paper rolls

  • Alphabet chips with toilet paper rolls

  • Toilet Paper roll recycled toy

  • Toilet Paper roll tubes for play

  • Toilet paper rolls for learning to add

  • Toilet paper rolls for learning to subtract


What other fun ideas can you think of trying with toilet paper rolls? 




 Can you recycle toilet paper rolls? 


Most definitely. 


We mainly use them rather than toss them for a fun recycled play activity. 


I may have a little stash of toilet paper rolls waiting to be used for a fun activity such as this one! 🙂 



How do you make a homemade telescope for kids? 

Making a homemade telescope for kids is fairly easy. 


All you will mainly need is – toilet paper rolls and string! 


  • Use a hot glue gun to stick the paper rolls together; Cool down. 

  • Then, hole punch on opposite ends of the glued toilet paper rolls. 

  • Add a string into the hole punched holes

  • Tie them together leaving a lot of room so the homemade binoculars are able to hang long. 

  • You’ve made a homemade telescope for kids!




Games using toilet paper rolls


Here are some quick and easy toilet paper roll crafts and activities for kids you can probably try at home:


  • Counting Activity with pom poms

  • Color Matching Activity using Construction Paper and pom poms

  • DIY Bowling 

  • Animal toilet paper crafts

  • Use them to paint

  • Fold them so they are shaped like a heart and paint hearts 

  • Make a marble run

  • DIY Firework painting

  • DIY Color train


Have you tried a toilet paper roll craft or activity before?

Share with me below your awesome paper roll craft ideas! 🙂



simple toilet paper roll activity for kids

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