Easy Squishy Color Sorting Sensory Bag using Hair Gel


easy squishy sensory bag using buttons and free printable



Oh! This sensory bag was so much fun! 


And, the wonderful thing about it is that it was SO easy to make!


Sensory bags are amazing! 


You can tailor them to anything your child is learning really and how fun to learn while squishing around a bag, eh? 


Here are some ideas of fun sensory bag ideas we have tried: 



The list goes on and on with the sensory bags we have tried. 


If you’d like to check out the sensory bags we have made, you can try a quick search on the top right hand corner if you are viewing this post on a desktop or laptop and type “sensory bags”! 


We love making them! 


Note: For the benefits of sensory play and for over 100 Sensory Play Ideas, go here! 





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Color Recognition Activities


.. you can try with a sensory bag! 


Here are the steps I took to create this epic button bags sensory activity for learning about colors: 



diy squishy sensory bag for kids and free printable



How to make a squishy sensory bag: 


  • Open your zip lock bag

  • Insert hair gel (around 1 cup) 

  • Then, insert your large buttons or pom poms. 

  • Close the bag leaving out any air. 

  • Then, add your FREE printable to the table and the sensory bag right on top. 

  • Spread out the hair gel so it reaches all 4 corners of the bag. 

  • Tape each side making sure no hair gel gets out and the bag is extra secure. 

  • Move the button pieces or pom poms to the correct color match on the printable! 

  • This my friend, is how to make squishy bags come to life! Isn’t it easy? 🙂




You don’t need the FREE printable to learn about colors. 


You can learn about them by pointing at the different color buttons in the ziplock bag button bag and that will work just fine! 


If you’d like to work on a multiple set of a bag of buttons for your preschoolers in a school setting, this is also possible too! 



DIY Squishy Bag Video Below



Colour game kids can try 


Here are some other fun color game ideas you can try with a preschooler: 


  • You can use a sharpie marker to write color names on smaller zip lock bags. Insert matching pom poms into each and talk about the different colors while learning about the color name in each of the colored ziplock bags. 

  • Color Sorting Activities for Preschoolers: Much like what we tried, you can also just use a larger bag and write out color names and sort the pom poms to the correct color name. 


These are some tips and ideas on hand making bags from scratch to incorporate colour sorting games. 


Have you tried making a fun and easy color sorting sensory bag before


For an easy and absolutely home squishy sensory bag, make sure to give this a try and let me know in the comments how yours turned out!



free printable and sensory bag for kids

Click here for your printable.

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