Easy Sprinkle Sensory Bag 


easy sprinkle sensory bag for kids



Earlier this year I made a simple sprinkle sensory bag for my girls for a fun learning activity and they absolutely loved it! 


Some of you tried it out too and sent me your take on it! I was so happy to see your sensory bag inspired by ours! 


It made me so so happy! Thanks for sharing, again! 


This time around, I decided to create one for my girls but a tad bit different. 


If you’d like to see how we made this amazing cheap squishy sensory activity this time around, I’ll give you all the details below. 



sensory bag learning activity



Psst.. If you want to see our original Simple Sprinkle Sensory Bag, check it out here



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sensory bag for kids



The benefits of an Easy Sprinkle Sensory Bag


Sensory bags are all the rage in our home!


From sensory bottles, sensory bags to sensory bins, they are all so much fun!


This one is particularly very easy to make, very colorful and great for practicing letters and numbers to help kids learn. 


What your child can learn from a simple learning sensory bag: 


  • Letter Recognition

  • Alphabet (uppercase/lowercase)

  • Number Recognition

  • Shapes

  • Colors

  • Skip Counting

  • Counting 

  • Writing Skills


And more.. 


sensory bag



How to make an Easy Sprinkle Sensory Bag


It is very easy to make a sensory bag.


This one is probably top 5 of one of the easiest sensory bags we have ever had to make. 


Let’s get started.


Open up your ziplock bag. 


Insert sprinkles. We used circular, fall colored ones for the month of November. 


Once they are within the bag, close the bag up.


Note: you don’t want to put too many sprinkles in the bag, where your child won’t really be able to write out letters/numbers. Make sure it is not filled up too much. 


Place your closed sprinkle bag on the floor or on a table (sensory table), wherever you want the activity to take place. 


Tape it down with duct tape or painters tape. This is so the bag is extra secure. 



sprinkle sensory bag



Grab a craft stick and start writing! 


You can draw out shapes, letters and numbers. 


So many ways to go about playing with a sensory bag while learning at the same time! 


What other fun learning games can you think of using this fun and easy sprinkle sensory bag?


sprinkle bag learning activity for kids



Comparison: Circular vs rectangular sprinkle sensory bags


In all honesty, both bags worked quite the same.


I thought the circular ones would feel a bit differently than the rectangular sprinkles but they both seemed to feel about the same!


Have you ever tried making both types?

Was there any comparison in how the sensory bags felt with circular sprinkles vs rectangular sprinkles?




Will you give this Easy Sprinkle Sensory Bag a try?



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easy sprinkle sensory bag for kids



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