Easy Pumpkin Cornmeal Sensory Bin 

easy pumpkin cornmeal sensory bin

We have been enjoying our Halloween Noodles Sensory Bin so much, I wanted to create another sensory bin!


Can you tell we love sensory bins over here? It’s one of my girls favorite open ended types of play. 


They can literally think of so many fun play ideas using a simple sensory bin it’s incredible! So here I created one that I know both my girls would love and enjoy together! 


We used real pumpkins – the small ones. They are so fun to add into a sensory bin. They’re fun for so many different play ideas, really! 


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That’s it! Easy peasy. 


This is one of the easiest sensory bins to put together. You just pour in the cornmeal, add in the manipulatives and then set it on the table or floor and have them go at it! 

easy and simple cornmeal pumpkin sensory bin

Spooky Cornmeal Pumpkin Sensory Activities for Toddlers 

Miss 2 (almost 3) loves playing with cornmeal. She absolutely loves the sensorial experience of pouring and filling up her Halloween buckets with cornmeal. 


It’s almost like the fun we have when playing with sand at the beach. Nature’s playground! 


The cornmeal is bright yellow and orange which is a perfect color for this fall activity and it just brings so much joy and fun into the mix! 


For the benefits of sensory play definitely take a look at this post right here. It applies to this activity!


I called out the colors within the bin so she familiarized herself with them. “Wow, look at that pumpkin! It is the color orange.” 


You can say something like, “This pumpkin is small and this pumpkin is big” or you can add a medium in there if there is a medium sized pumpkin. 


What other fun sensorial play ideas can you think of with this sensory cornmeal pumpkin bin? 


Spooky Cornmeal Pumpkin Sensory Activities for Pre-school


Preschoolers will have a blast with this sensory bin. Scooping and pouring the cornmeal is so much fun for them! 


I added in these Learning Resources tools into the mix which allows for fine motor practice. Preschoolers can practice scooping and picking up tiny eraser manipulatives so they can practice their fine motor skills. 

Add an educational experience by calling out the different colors they see within the bin. 

You can also try counting the pumpkins or the spooky erasers by collecting them within the bin. 


What other ideas can you think of while playing with this pumpkin sensory bin for preschoolers? 

Will you give this Easy Pumpkin Cornmeal Sensory Bin a try? 

Pin it for later? 

easy pumpkin cornmeal sensory play for kids

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