Easy Paper Plate Ice Cream Seek and Find Activity for Kids


easy paper plate activity



This paper plate activity is something we tried in the gist of the moment.


My girls love Ispy games and so I wanted to create a fun and easy Ispy game that they can use over and over again. 


You can make it as a fun memory match games for kids or any other fun idea you come up with. 


We chose the Ispy method and in an ice cream theme for preschool! 


I’ll share below what I used exactly and how you can try this same activity out right at home. 


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This is the easiest little setup! 


It is great for on the go, as a vacation activity, while waiting for your food at a restaurant and a fun road trip activity! 



DIY Paper Plate Ispy Game for Kids Video Below




Ice cream theme for preschool


Are you looking for a fun ice cream activity you can try with your preschoolers? 


Collect some ice cream stickers and try this out! 


You can even play an ice cream memory game with these. 


So much fun! 




How I put this simple DIY summer crafts activity together:


This is literally the easiest DIY you’ll probably make! 


Here are the steps I took to put together this epic ice cream paper plate activity: 


  • Grab two paper plates. 

  • Then, on one of them use a craft knife to create opening flaps. 

  • Add your stickers within them (we chose ice cream stickers)

  • Then, glue around the paper plates making sure the stickers show through the flips. 

  • Let it dry. 

  • Then, use this fun activity for learning through play! 


Some ideas are to open the flaps and talk about the colors your LO sees. 


Talk about how many scoops of ice cream the ice cream stickers have. 


You can also add two of the same sticker and play a game of memory. 


Open two flaps and if they are the same sticker, you scored a point. 


If you open the flaps and they are different, try again until you find a match! 


This is how you play this DIY memory game for kids!


Related: Here is a fun summer themed sensory bin that my girls absolutely had so much fun with because (one main reason)  it included their beach toys! 



easy paper plate activity for toddlers



Ice Cream paper plates


Ice cream, ice cream we all scream for ice cream! 


You can use paper plates to create many different crafts. 


One fun idea is to cut a paper plate in half. 


Then, paint it brown. 


Add fun ice cream to the top of it. 


Creating a fun ice cream cone craft is so much fun for little kids. 


Ice Cream Cone Color Match Activity


And, its a wonderful keepsake thereafter. 


Hope you enjoy and try this simple activity out!


Have you made a simple ice cream craft for your toddlers, preschoolers and kids? 


What ice cream activity did you try out? 🙂


easy paper plate ice cream activity

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