Easy Mega Blok Puzzle Play to Learn Activity


play to learn diy puzzle activity for kids



What a blast this diy puzzle was!  


I love multi-purpose activities that work for both my girls!


Here is one that worked for both! 


I’ll share below how I put this together, what I used and how my girls learned through play with this simple activity


Note: For a really simple and easy rainbow craft you can probably try at home right now, check out this post





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And, that is all you will need for this activity. 




What can you do with mega blocks? 


What can you make with blocks? 


So many things! 


You can use them for learning about sight words, your child’s name and words. 


They are great for learning about colors, counting, fine motor skills such as building…


You can also make a mega blok dinosaur or build a train with mega bloks. 


What other fun ideas can you think of with mega blocks?




How to put together this Mega Block activity? 


So easy! 


Here are the steps I took to create this simple invitation to play: 


  • I placed a different colored sheet that matched the colors of the mega blocks I was using. 

  • Tape the back of each of the sheets together and then turn it around. 

  • Place the mega blocks onto the construction paper and use a sharpie marker to stencil out the mega blocks and use as templates to create mega block outlines on each of the sheets. 



Note: I turned this into an educational activity and made sure I stenciled out a different amount of mega blocks onto each of the sheets. 



I also made sure that the mega block(s) I used matched the colored sheets. 




Mega Block Activities for Toddlers


This is a great activity for toddlers. 


Toddlers can play and learn by matching the mega blocks to its corresponding color on each of the stenciled out sheets. 


How fun is this?!


We had a blast with this kids activity! 




Mega Block Activities for Preschool


Preschoolers can delve into more than how toddlers would play with this activity. 


They can practice learning and matching colors


You can try counting the blocks as you add them to the DIY puzzle


Matching games are also fun in and of itself for preschoolers 🙂 


The ridges on each of the mega blocks are nice and allow for this game to be extra fun! 




Mega Block Activities for Kindergarten  


Kindergarteners can delve into all that toddlers and preschoolers learn through play and more! 


For a more advanced approach, kindergarteners can practice adding, taking away, learning about colors, learning about color mixing, matching activities and more… 


My oldest practiced adding and taking away the mega blocks. 


Visually seeing adding in and taking away allows for kindergarteners to learn in a fun way!


play to learn puzzle diy activity

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